Fenghua man lied to care to help people through the driving test two people fooled zibba

Fenghua man lied to care to help people through the driving test two people fooled the day before yesterday morning, the Ningbo Fenghua court in a fraud case, the defendant Xu has lied, can help others pass the driving theory test, has defrauded victims two cash 6000 yuan, 3000 yuan. At the beginning of March 2015, the victim Jiangmou was introduced to the defendant xu. Jiang was about to prepare for the driver’s license, but worried about his theoretical examination, but Xu said he could go to the trustee, 8000 yuan can help him pass the theoretical examination. So, Jiang paid Xu 4000 yuan on the spot. Two or three days later, the victim Jiang to sign up for the driver’s license, the first theoretical examination down, Jiang did not see through a phone call xu. Xu came to see Jiang promised that the second test did not go, as long as the data ready, the next week can help him do a good driver’s license. A week later, Xu called to say, things almost done, let Jiang and then pay 2000 yuan. However, after the river hit the money, the other side will not answer the phone, Jiang just realized that he was deceived. Similarly, in May last year, another victim Tian in order to "smoothly" get a driver’s license, gave Xu 3000 yuan, Xu told Tian don’t have to go to the exam, will help him to support the relationship, make a driver’s license. After the time, over half a year after the lost. The court staff learned, in fact, Xu did not know the DMV staff, because he owed a lot of usury, so they came up with this method to get money, these 9000 yuan of money to cheat, also basically he used to pay interest. Yesterday, the Fenghua court heard the case. The court held that the Xu for the purpose of illegal possession, using the method of fictitious facts, cheat other people’s property, the larger amount, their behavior had constituted the crime of fraud, sentenced Xu sentenced to imprisonment for 8 months and fined 3000 yuan, and be ordered to Xu respectively to the victim restitution of 6000 yuan and 3000 yuan.

奉化男子谎称可托关系帮人通过驾考 两人上当   前天上午,宁波奉化法院审理了一起诈骗案件,被告人徐某谎称有关系,可以帮助别人通过驾驶证理论考试,先后骗取了两名被害人现金6000元、3000元。   2015年3月初,被害人江某经人介绍认识了被告人徐某。当时江某正要准备去考驾照,但是又担心自己理论考试考不过,徐某便谎称自己可以去托人,8000元就能帮他通过理论考试。   于是,江某当场支付给徐某4000元。两三天后,被害人江某去报名考驾照,第一次理论考试下来,江某一看没通过就打电话给徐某。徐某见状便对江某承诺说,第二次考试不用去了,只要把资料准备好,下个星期就能帮他办好驾驶证。   一周后,徐某打来电话说,事情办得差不多了,让江某再交2000元钱。可是,等江某把钱打过去后,对方就不接电话了,江某这才意识到自己上当受骗。   同样,去年5月份,另一被害人田某为了“顺利”考取驾照,给了徐某3000元,徐某告诉田某不用去考试,会帮他托关系弄好驾照。之后就一拖再拖,过了大半年后干脆消失了。   法院工作人员得知,其实徐某根本不认识车管所工作人员,因为自己欠了不少高利贷,所以想出了这种方法来骗钱,骗来的这9000元钱,也基本上被他用来支付利息。   昨天,奉化法院开庭审理了该案。法院认为徐某以非法占有为目的,采用虚构事实的方法,骗取他人财物,数额较大,其行为已经构成了诈骗罪,判处徐某有期徒刑8个月,并处罚金3000元,并责令徐某分别向被害人退赔6000元、3000元。相关的主题文章: