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Finally ushered in the provisions of the broadcast industry exactly how to shuffle? Sohu science and technology in November 4th, brewing for a long time, the provisions of the Internet service management (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") was finally released, the ascendant broadcast industry is also facing a new round of challenges. Real-time video broadcast the message transfer fast, intuitive forms have attracted much attention, especially since last year, repeated "live made" incident once again will be placed in the focus of public opinion under the broadcast industry. The provisions of the release of its point has been very clear: strengthen the news attribute of the live broadcast platform. But the news broadcast is very stringent threshold: setting up the editor of responsibility, news content sent after the first trial. For non news broadcast, but also requires the platform has the relevant qualifications, the real name and the contents of the real estate and other real-time blocking to strengthen the supervision of the source, the entire live market. So, the provisions of the broadcast industry for the specific will be what changes? A small platform platform, after the harvest market live out hot industry, driven by capital, in the spring of this year once the "hundred regiments" story in the broadcast industry, reproduction, major media, start-up companies, electricity supplier companies have set up their own broadcast operations, up to more than three hundred domestic broadcast platform. Under this situation, the Internet ecosystem has begun to change: 1 live has become the Internet standard, information broadcast as the fastest transfer mode needs and not because of policy tightening and weakening, micro-blog three quarter average daily live broadcasting 260 thousand games, watch the number of 5 million 380 thousand. 2; with the entry of mainstream Internet platform, live users will gradually penetrate into all sectors of society, the industry head large vertical V began to enter the broadcast industry, from finance to science and technology to the entertainment star, major V industry to bring more diverse users with the industry; 3 admission V, head of broadcast traffic the industry will gradually differentiation, the past by Yan and edge ball get attention effect will gradually decline, in other words, broadcast industry reshuffle has been ongoing, policy issued only to catalyze the industry reshuffle. Therefore, iron brother does not think the "Regulations" of the conference against the entire broadcast industry, on the contrary, the industry has been through the purification market behavior to carry out the "Regulations" issued increased full of unspoken rule platform has eliminated, platforms and content will live healthy ecological harvesting market. In this regard, micro-blog has a rich content of ecological platform will become the biggest beneficiaries of this provision. Two, broadcast industry need to borrow the "provision" name as a broadcast industry, iron brother often with a friend about his job will get strange eyes, in a considerable part of people’s eyes, live with some bad industry is equated. Live in the early stage of development, because the young audience as well as by the early show live broadcast industry, there are many problems, with the development of the industry and increasing competition platform, there are also many platform for traffic is considered substandard practices. However, as mentioned earlier, with such as micro-blog has a full range of ecological players into the game, through social media + O相关的主题文章: