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Financial institutions the ability to make money from the bottom: the highest per capita earning 27 million – Sohu finance why each capital swarmed into the financial industry, competition for financial license? Banks, securities, insurance and trust and other financial licenses of gold in the end how high? Which types of financial institutions make the most money? The bread of Finance (WeChat public number ID:mbcaijing) according to the earnings of listed companies and industry related data combing the per capita profit ranking 118 of all kinds of financial institutions, from the dimension of the industry of the per capita money efficiency: trust industry to make money the highest efficiency, the highest per capita profit of more than 27 million; the efficiency of bank money continued to decline since 2014 reached its peak after the downhill; securities industry is dependent on the weather, bull and bear Rainbow Night; the insurance industry is the rapid expansion of the lowest per capita profit. The number of Listed Banks: four pedestrians earning power bottom of China Merchants Bank performance the largest decline in the four major state-owned banks to reduce staff synchronization caused great concern in this year, but the bread finance statistics show: Bank layoffs associated with per capita profit decline. 16 listed banks before 2015 per capita net profit growth in 2012 after the start of the slowdown, and peaked in the year of 2014. 2015 per capita net profit of listed banks was 586 thousand and 700, representing a decrease of about $7400 last year, the first decline in recent years. In the last year, 16 listed banks per capita profit rankings, ranked at the bottom of the four state-owned bank and Huaxia bank. Agricultural Bank of China per capita net profit of 359 thousand, is the only listed bank below the 500 thousand. Huaxia Bank, the last second, not only lower than other joint-stock commercial banks, but also lower than the Agricultural Bank of China except all state-owned banks. Data show that over the past three years, there is a decline in the level of per capita profits of the Bank of, where China Merchants Bank is the most serious decline in the A-share listed banks A. From 2012 to 2015, China Merchants Bank’s per capita net profit decreased by 177 thousand yuan, a decline of about $19%. China Merchants Bank is the only family of more than 15% decline in profits of listed banks, the absolute value of the decline in per capita profit calculation, China Merchants Bank, second only to the Bank of Beijing, ranked No. second. Below is the bread of Finance (WeChat public number: mbcaijing) according to the statistics of the listed banks in 2015 earnings per capita net profit ranking:   the change of the per capita profit and this year’s bank employees seems to have certain relationship: the first half of 2016, four for the number of employees are in no case reduce: the number of employees ICBC, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank were less than at the end of 2015, 7635 6881, 4023 and 6721, a total reduction of nearly 25 thousand people. China Merchants Bank, the number of employees decreased by 7768 people, is one of the largest reduction in the number of banks. Trust: the highest per capita profit of over 27 million financial institutions with the ability to make money while bursting belongs to the supervision of the CBRC, the trust company’s per capita earning power is far better than the banking industry. China Trust Industry Association data show: in 2015 the trust industry?相关的主题文章: