Five Classical Toys For Children When Buying Kids Toys-acbel

Home-and-Family Ball toys When babies are six months old, they are interested in everything which can be moved. Among all these things, they would be attracted by the colorful ball toys because it is easy to play with these toys. What they have to do is to pull the balls lightly and the balls will roll forward automatically. What’s more, some babies would chase the balls, they would get lots of pleasure if their mothers can ac.panyplay with them. Building blocks When babies are eight months old, parents would find that they have already recognized too many things in daily life such as all kinds of toys and furniture. They know which things are soft, which things are hard, which things are round and which things have the edges and corners. When playing with building blocks, they often use their two hands to hold different pieces of building blocks and then hit against each other. They are happy when hearing the sounds. If you babies are too smart, they can use these building blocks to assemble different shapes things. Sand I am sure you would be too surprised when hearing this news. In fact, all the children are more likely to play with sand and water. After 18 months old, they clearly know which items can not be put into mouth therefore it is safe for them to play with sand and water. As parents, you can give them all kinds of tools to them such as little shovel, rabble and barrel. With their imagination and creative power, they can pile up the sands into various shapes. Dolls When kids are two years old, they begin to have their personalized performance. At this time, they have been able to express their likes and dislikes. If parents give the dolls to them, especially the girls, they would treat the doll as their daughter, just like their mothers take good care of them, they would wash face of dolls, dress them up, feed them and even praise or blame them. Picture book At the two ages old, children have known more things in daily life through their eyes, mouths and hands. I am sure they would be more happy if they can find these things on the picture books. As parents, it is necessary to buy some picture books for children to learn more thins from the books. When choosing the books, the pictures should be simple and colorful so that they can be recognized at a quick glance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: