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Business There is so much noise these days how are we going to make a difference? Marketing messages abound from the moment that we get out of bed to the moment that we turn off the lights at night. Slogans, logos, telephone numbers that talk to us and any number of cutting-edge attempts to garner our attention. Even if you have the most amazing business idea ever, you are still going to find it difficult to get your message across to your market. Marketing is a very dynamic field, ever-changing and ever evolving. The marketing business look very different today than it did 20 years ago, that is for sure. The meteoric rise of the Internet and, most recently, social media has rewritten the rules for all of us. While some people think that the Internet has replaced traditional marketing all together, this is far from the case. A well formed marketing campaign will include elements of both online and off-line activity. Smart phones may be our most constant .panion, but most of us still operate in the off-line world to the largest extent and can be reached through messages which are put in familiar ways. For example, when we go to venues or events we can be touched by marketing flyers. When we go to conventions or other meetings we still exchange traditional business cards. As business owners we should all make an effort to embrace the traditional ways of marketing. While smart phones and all that they offer are certainly the rage, it’s important to realise that this phenomenon is split along demographic lines, to a large extent. Many of those decision-makers who are likely to buy your product or service are likely to be a bit more conventional. This is not to say that you should be totally conventional when it .es to flyer design or business card design and you are certainly advised to think outside the box here. You definitely need a message that sets you apart and makes the recipient stop and think for a moment. That first impression is everything and you only have one chance to make it. When you do turn to your Internet presence and your website, remember that great content is of the utmost importance. Quite simply, the content of your website is what will keep people .ing back. You may be aware that there is a trend toward video content and this is certainly something you should embrace. With corporate video production you can produce eye-catching and interesting web video that puts your message across in a really dynamic form. People are much more likely to click on the "play" button on the video that they find on your homepage these days and you should embrace this trend. Don’t go searching for that elusive "magic bullet" when it .es to business marketing. It doesn’t exist now and it probably never will. Embrace the old word and the new world alike and never settle on one particular medium at the expense of another. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: