Foreign media expose terrorists to train cold killers in the hinterland of Europe lm3886

Foreign media exposure of the terrorists in the heart of Europe Training cold-blooded killer data figure: London, a man who stabbed a knife in the subway, and shout "to Syria". The police then arrived, letting the men lay down their arms. After many rounds, the criminals were subdued by the police with stun guns. After the event, the police identified the incident as a terrorist attack. Reference News Network February 23 daily media said, the European Police Organization sounded the alarm. It is just the beginning of murder. "There’s every reason to think that" terrorist organizations "in Europe, especially France," have plotted other attacks that could cause a lot of casualties in civilians. Europol rob Wainwright who introduced this meeting of experts said the results of the organization. According to the Austrian "news" website reported on April 1 29, intelligence, terrorism organization established Rangers in the west. The training is not only carried out in Syria, but also in the smaller EU camps and Balkan countries, the situation report of the European Criminal Police Organization said. The media learned from the security department that one of the clues pointed to the Bosnian mountains. International investigators in recent years has repeatedly been eyeing Wahhabi control on Aochacun. Europol would do a formal description further EU internal terrorist training camp, but more detailed investigation of media to Slovenia. There is evidence that so far, there are more than willing to combat men from Austria through the open border to Schengen to do the "religious speech" or Muslim children born in celebration. The destination is a remote team building in the nearby forest in laibach. People talk, become extreme, and practice using ammunition. But there are from Germany, Luxemburg, Slovenia and Austria Salafist followers. The passage to the training site was guarded by 2 sentries. According to the Constitution Protection Bureau, behind the Jihad training site may be a Lebach suburb Salafist organization, it has sent many extremists to Iraq and Syria battle area. The training methods of terrorist organizations are quite professional. There is even a 71 page guerrilla textbook in the middle of the extremists. Courses include how to use weapons explosives, conspiracy measures, anti espionage warfare, and "beheading" and other special killing skills". The European Criminal Police Organization said the course was designed to allow terrorists to kill people with cold blood and no feelings. Physical and psychological training enables terrorists to withstand possible police interrogation. Analysts in the European Criminal Police Organization, in particular, have noticed that terrorist guidance is very close to practice. "People can’t learn everything through reading," said one European Criminal Police officer. The center of mujahideen training is Syria. Religion is not a primary consideration in recruiting. Europol said, less than half the militants arrested in the understanding of doctrine, which also led to the need for a long time will be brainwashed and become extreme. Dutch act bomber more to think of themselves as "hero" instead of "martyrs". In addition, 80% of jihadists have violent crime history, and 1/5 of them are reported to have mental problems. The European Criminal Police Organization emphasizes Europe’s 5

外媒曝恐怖分子在欧洲腹地训练冷血杀手    资料图:英国伦敦,一名男子持刀在地铁中捅人,并大喊“为了叙利亚”。警察随后赶到,让男子放下武器,在多次周旋后,歹徒被警察用电击枪制服。事后,警方将此事定性为恐怖袭击事件。   参考消息网2月23日报道 外媒称,欧洲刑警组织敲响警钟。巴黎血案只是开始。“完全有理由认为”,恐怖组织“在欧洲某地特别是法国”策划其他“能在平民当中造成大量伤亡”的袭击。欧洲刑警组织负责人罗布・温赖特这样介绍该组织专家会议的结果说。   据奥地利《新闻报》网站1月29日报道,情报显示,中东恐怖组织在西方建立了别动队。训练不仅在叙利亚进行,同样也在“欧盟较小规模的营地和巴尔干国家”展开,欧洲刑警组织的形势报告说。   媒体从安全部门得知,其中一个线索指向了波斯尼亚山区。国际调查人员近年来已经多次盯上被瓦哈比派控制的上马奥查村。   欧洲刑警组织不愿就欧盟内部恐怖训练营的状况做进一步的正式说明,但媒体更详尽的调查则指向了斯洛文尼亚。有证据显示到目前为止,多名有作战意愿的男性从奥地利经开放的申根边境去做“宗教演讲”或者是参加穆斯林儿童出生的庆典。车队目的地是在莱巴赫附近森林中的一幢偏远建筑。人们在那里进行讨论、变得极端偏激并练习使用军火。在场的还有来自德国、卢森堡、斯洛文尼亚和奥地利的萨拉菲派信徒。通往培训地点的通道由2名哨兵守卫。据宪法保卫局的消息,在圣战者的培训地点后面可能是一个莱巴赫郊区的萨拉菲派组织,它向伊拉克和叙利亚作战地区输送了多名极端分子。   恐怖组织的训练手段相当专业。在极端分子中间甚至流传着一份71页的游击战教科书。课程包括如何使用武器炸药、密谋措施、反间谍战以及“斩首等特殊杀人技巧”。欧洲刑警组织称,该课程目的是让恐怖分子能够冷血、没有任何感情地杀人。体能和心理训练则令恐怖分子能够经受住可能的警方审讯。欧洲刑警组织的分析家尤其注意到恐怖分子的指导说明十分贴近实践。“人们不能通过阅读学会一切”,一位欧洲刑警组织的工作人员说。圣战者训练的中心是叙利亚。   宗教在招募时并不是首要考虑因素。欧洲刑警组织的调查称,被捕的武装分子中了解教义的不到一半,这也导致其不需要很长时间就会被洗脑而变得极端化。自杀式袭击者更多地认为自己是“英雄”而非“殉教者”。另外,80%的圣战者有暴力犯罪史,五分之一的人据悉有精神问题。   欧洲刑警组织强调,欧洲的个别叙利亚难民可能已被极端化,招募者早就盯上了难民营。   温赖特在海牙介绍了新的欧洲反恐中心。他表示,巴黎袭击显示,迄今为止各机构之间的合作仍显不足。(编译 赵涟) 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: