Foreign media said the international fashion circles popular China wind Chinese do not buy it

Foreign media said the international fashion circles popular "Chinese wind" Chinese Italy brand will not buy Gucci China elements into clothing series. (Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" website) reference news network October 9 news media said, the summary of international fashion circles in recent years, the new trend, "China wind" may become one of the key words. According to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" website reported on October 1st, following the 2016 winter women’s series of "China wind" after the 21 last month, the spring 2017 Milan fashion week, Italy Gucci brand will continue to incorporate elements of China clothing series, a Pankou, typical Chinese clothing collar these details, and China dragon, peony embroidery the model pattern, also holding the hand of 36, which has a strong oriental property items, the T show, the East West cultural collision of a wonderful spark, quite fascinating. Reported that the popular elements will Chinese element collocation fashion design technique, is common in recent years, the international brand, from T to show, China become the hottest material elements, in addition to the traditional Chinese dress details, such as Peking Opera, the blue and white porcelain, embroidery, paper cutting this kind of Chinese Art design also appeared in different the international brand, both to the market China good consideration, but also a new design inspiration from different cultural trigger. "Fashion Prada" called "Vogue", the Journal of the American version of the editor Anna Wintour · at the beginning of last year to China said in an interview, Chinese elements has been affecting the fashion circle, obviously can see the wind blowing more strong, many international first-line designers to design a "Chinese wind" dress. This shows that China elements occupy a very important position in the international fashion circle. For the fashion circle of the "east wind West", the Chinese people will get psychological cultural identity? Reported that the smart consumers did not seem China zhaodanquanshou, British brand Burberry early last year launched a "Fu" embroidered cashmere scarf, has attracted a China netizens questioned, some netizens think the scarf so "is not high grade, there are comments that the Western understanding of the Chinese still stay in the old Chinese, such as color, luxury brands China special items will always get rid of red and gold. Chinese cutting-edge fashion media "weekly" fashion director Shen Ye accept "Singapore United Morning Post" interview, said, it is not difficult to find, embroidery and robes of blue and white porcelain of these symbols and now the western mainstream media in the eyes of China elements, he said, "this is a Lenovo and we get to France, which is equivalent to the Bourbon Dynasty during the period of the wig, corset, Rococo decoration as ridiculous". The dress contains oriental aesthetics, Shen Ye also pointed out that Chinese costume culture is broad and profound, is the study of light fabric will have a brilliant future, such as brocade, Hangzhou, Luo Kesi, these traditional Buttercup silk fabric, that is enough to stimulate people’s interest. Reported that the "Chinese wind" has become a trend in the international fashion, to some extent, means that China in the global market promotion, consumer demand is magnified and attention, and in fashion related industries, the impact of international brand design, as well as people in the industry, is a manifestation of the country comprehensive soft power. In recent years.相关的主题文章: