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Friends to send pregnant equipment, the role can be big – Sohu mother and baby a little long, very tortuous, I can be pregnant, to give the sisters a little confidence…… Of course, my husband is normal, checked, he does not smoke do not drink love sports, the results are very good, very strong sperm, do not do any treatment, to determine the problem in my this (this is very important Oh……) Experience: 1, you must try to carefully prepare pregnant for ovulation, the best six months to a year, do not go to the hospital, do not doubt yourself. 2, the mentality is very important, prepare pregnant not nervous is false, but try to do nothing, this is also the next, not nervous, don’t set of symptoms, no use, I have what symptom, is the feeling of sleeping foot is not cold, suspected pregnant, high temperature ~ 3, usually. Life to keep warm, not beautiful cold, let the cold invasion of the uterus, do not eat cold, often soak feet 4, if you are the kidney yang deficiency with dysmenorrhoea (I always go to see the Yin is not good, so I know I am Yang), you can try moxibustion, but just started not too frequent, and the best time in the menstrual clean after ovulation, Pai can’t moxibustion, if pregnant moxibustion is not good to these, I wish the sisters can be pregnant, refueling! I am 88 years, never had regular menstrual, 35-50 day, even once had two times as long as 3 months of amenorrhea. Severe dysmenorrhea, menstrual purple black, at most 3 days, often cold hands and feet, is 2013 regular hospital of marriage, marriage does not pay attention to rest, always feel pregnant is far away from me, even said to be careless, originally menstruation is not the law, I also had several times more emergency contraception, menstrual disorder can not understand, amenorrhea occurred in February 2014, did not come to menstruation for three months, May to see Chinese medicine said I was polycystic, is very hard to get pregnant, and then carefully conditioning drink for 2 months during the Chinese medicine, the doctor prescribed progesterone can normal menstruation, because his father died suddenly in July will not continue drink, the last menstruation is the end of July in October found that menstruation is how did three months old, with no good, my heart still complaining about drinking medicine useless, but also highly recognized I am pregnant is very difficult to say the doctor said, the work time is busy, procrastination flooding had no heart, thinking slowly, always come to the end of November, it took four months, ah, this time is too long, and the mean period of vaginitis so, go to the hospital to check a bolt from the blue! Pregnant, and it is 15 ~ 16 weeks, it will not be in August?!! Excited ah, but suddenly remembered some time ago to work with drink, cold have a fever medicine, wrong morning sickness when also went to the hospital to open retching gastritis medicine to eat, suddenly tears came out, and then to consult several hospitals, if the child has deformity, but the results are not good, I have a fever medication drinking time is the high risk period of fetal abnormality, then made a painful choice – abortion! December 3, 2014, the whole process is painful, and the production of the same, but.相关的主题文章: