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The 3 days of heavy pollution in Beijing at 0:00 tomorrow start heavy pollution orange signal warning – Sohu news Legal Evening News (reporter Geng Xueqing) this morning, reporters from the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, November 17th to 19, Beijing will usher in the three day of severe air pollution, Beijing heavy air pollution emergency command issued in advance to start heavy air pollution warning message: start the air 0 orange signal warning of heavy pollution in November 17th, during the primary and secondary schools and kindergartens should stop outdoor activities, such as the implementation of measures related enterprises to limit production shutdown. This is the first time this year, Beijing launched an orange heavy pollution warning. (WeChat Legal Evening News No. ID:fzwb_52165216) according to the heavy pollution emergency command in air of Beijing city news, November 16th to 19, the weather in North China tends to be stable, pollution diffusion conditions are unfavorable, there will be a regional air pollution process, the temperature of Beijing city will gradually rise, inversion enhancement, increased humidity, ground to southerly winds dominated and the weather conditions are not conducive to the spread of pollution, is expected to be a continuing pollution process, including 17, 18, 19 days to reach level five severe pollution. In accordance with the Beijing heavy air pollution emergency plan provides that the city of Beijing in November 17th at 0 o’clock to start the air heavy pollution orange warning, the relevant units should earnestly implement the measures. 20 days by the strong cold air, air quality will reach an excellent level. Orange signal warning period, primary schools, kindergartens to stop outdoor activities; the public to travel by public transport, reduce vehicle on the road; the parking time flameout, reduce vehicle in idle running time. The relevant units shall stop earthwork, demolition, concrete pouring, construction waste and sediment transport, spray paint and other construction work; take dustproof measures on the construction site, bare ground, material and other places; in accordance with the orange signal warning of industrial enterprises have ceased production during the list of heavy air pollution, the implementation of measures to limit production shutdown; construction waste muck truck, and concrete truck and gravel transport vehicles and other heavy vehicles on the road; prohibition of fireworks and outdoor barbecue.相关的主题文章: