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From the beginning of his egg, within 3 steps to fix breakfast for a week! Even if the Sohu is eating food, such as a small baking girl, there will be lazy early in the morning! Not in the heating of the north, and the warm bed every day in addition to repeat eight hundred times – Separation: separate rocket launch failure, there is, is not willing to get up early for breakfast! How to do that, Soybean Milk Soybean Milk powder I don’t want to drink it food, can not eat with aluminum containing baking powder Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, more do not want to eat a thickener porridge, don’t say those unidentified meat buns…… grandpa Mao said, yourself, have ample food and clothing! The spirit of the broad masses of the people the benefit of the Internet search a mood to circle ~ discovered that the original small baked girl is not a person!! So today’s topic is ~ from the beginning of the 3 step knock egg, fix your breakfast, if you can center on a toilet brush a tooth that is not perfect! It’s really easy to start with the simplest boiled eggs! But I guess there should be a large part of people like me, the tasteless and insipid white soft boiled eggs didn’t have any interest in ~ ~ especially middle yolk taste face-to-face, it is no appetite. However, the Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle above the glittering and translucent eggs, I was absolutely impossible to miss the! Who rush to whom to worry! Then from the most simple boiled eggs beginning ~ eggs essentials only 2 points: water, time! Above we can know, in fact, Boiled Egg not more than 8 minutes, egg is soft ~ little girl’s love baking 6 minutes, do you? Remember to sprinkle salt and black pepper in Shanghai! Does this look like a rich breakfast? It is really a super fast, absolutely can fix all in 5 minutes! Practice: 1, cold water into the egg, boiled for 5 minutes remove the pot, put aside in the egg cup 2, with 1 slices of Bacon will roll up the asparagus, toast together, put in the oven, oven into second layers on the tender, under the fire of 190 degrees 5 minutes 3, all the ingredients together our spit, cut into strips, put the egg open, sprinkle with seasoning, you can start ~ fruit, nuts and egg, not one less I really too lazy, do not want to open the oven and open stove… No problem..! The little girl I baked home have a particularly high rate of idle mold, then in order to bake cupcakes, excitedly bought two, ah ~ ~ estimate using amount of not more than 10 times! But the coating is good ah ~ so to make cupcakes outside things is not good? Practice: 1, even 6 die in the egg into the muffin, into the oven on the second floor, under the fire of 200 degrees 8 minutes, 2 peach to the nuclear section, placed in the plate, side with some nuts, etc. 3 egg released after dug out on a plate, sprinkle a little salt with a little Mint accessorize ~ ~ I finished in the fridge or banana forget to eat, have now become black adolescents, old man (at o on) ~ ~ how can this seeing a few bananas to become trash food? With banana muffins! Kazakhstan相关的主题文章: