Geek help venture Jiang Tao 3 to 5 years of artificial intelligence from a real

Geek help venture Jiang Tao: artificial intelligence from a real outbreak still need 3 to 5 years of editor’s note: This is the sixtieth year development of artificial intelligence, almost all of a sudden, all investment institutions are talking about and the layout of the field. So AI really to the commercialization of the inflection point? This wave is not the same as in the past two, after the heat will soon be calm? Entrepreneurs and how to catch up with this wave? With these puzzles, shots for Mr. Jiang Tao to ask for nearly three hours, talking can not help people address him benefit. CSDN, founder of geeks help ventures founding partner Jiang Tao in 1999 founded CSDN (the world’s largest community of programmers Chinese), founded in 2011 to help geeks venture so far, Jiang Tao has a dual identity of entrepreneurs and investors; at the same time, he in the field of artificial intelligence has a systematic and thorough research. In this paper, the trend of the revolution, he technology entrepreneurs how to use new technology to achieve user growth, new products and how to bridge the gap between the status quo and inflection point of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence three he optimistic about the direction of investment, with the share and summarize their own thinking. If you are a startup founder or executive summary, this article deeply helps you insight into future changes, thinking ahead way to deal with the future; if you are the company’s general staff, may wish to take a look at how to make their future is more valuable. Since 1, the core competitiveness of enterprises to make investment, often encounter technology entrepreneurs ask me, I do CEO good, or simply do CTO, do, then hire a understand the market and management of CEO in? In my opinion, if your company is a technical priority, it is best to the technical personnel themselves at the helm, because he can grasp the resources and direction. There is also a problem — an enterprise’s core competitiveness is technology? In fact, the answer to this question is not certain, which needs to be judged according to the nature of your business. You are a priority technology, operational priority, priority mode or time priority, different categories of your core competitiveness naturally different. And the company to different stages, the core competitiveness will change. At the beginning of the business, the technology system is not complex, the development cost of the entire outsourcing is 80 thousand. Because it is a business oriented enterprises, and just seize the opportunity window, there is time to lead the advantage. In this case, the technology is good or bad for it does not play a decisive role, as long as the system does not make mistakes on the line. Now the drops have became the first place in the industry, this time the technical requirements are not the same, it needs to find a breakthrough point from another point of view, such as the development of unmanned technology, then it is the decisive factor of performance. Of course, from the perspective of the company’s internal perspective, the development of a start-up company, the decisive factor is the founder itself. Especially in the early days, the founder is the most important. When your company is relatively stable, the company is no longer dependent on a person, but depends on the development of the whole system, then you have to realize the health of the whole system than you.相关的主题文章: