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Honda Gienia Chengdu auto show heavy new car – Sohu car [Sohu car   new car]2016 September 2nd, the annual Chengdu auto show is about to open the curtain. As one of the four major domestic auto show, many domestic and foreign brands to visit the exhibition, and brought their latest products, many of which are models for the new car market, which is Chevrolet Kewozi, Bao wo BX5 and Lincoln Continental. There are many models will be selected to start in Chengdu auto show, including Dongfeng demeanor MX5, Beijing Hyundai, Honda, Gienia, etc.. Next, follow the footsteps of Xiao Bian to understand them together! Part of the Chengdu auto show car market? The most attractive is the listing of new parts, the existing information, the pre-sale price of the most populist models is the 3 general’s wisdom of less than sixty thousand yuan, can enjoy a new compact car family design, and also with ECO energy saving mode, it is affordable car home. But there are also 1 million 500 thousand yuan of the BMW series of hybrid version of the model, as well as limited sales of Volvo’s S90, which is a new car of your food, we look down on the 390. The first part of the new car from the current Chengdu auto show the first car, many overseas brands attach great importance to the domestic auto market, especially the rapid development of the western region. Benz CLA, Honda Gienia, modern? Na other models will be starting in Chengdu, in addition to KIA KX3, Dongfeng Peugeot models also will debut in Chengdu, due to reasons of space does not enumerate. Summary: this year’s Chengdu auto show will be gathered in a number of new car market is also the first, through incomplete statistics, the new car in the market accounted for about 40% of the independent brands. Can be seen in the continuous support of national policy, more and more independent brands grow up, and gradually occupy 100 thousand yuan of the following car consumption market. The X7 hanteng as new models new brands, followed by hot sales boom SUV, if not only be eliminated out two brushes. The new car will debut at the Chengdu auto show, two concept cars design models based on finally production, including the Honda Gienia hatchback version of Avatar Gerui, designs and has individuality, also broke Honda for a long time without the spell of design highlights. The mass production of nano? Inject new blood into the modern Beijing, as for the future is to replace or complement and Rena, Rena, we will wait and see. The Chengdu auto show, there are still a lot of new cars are worthy of attention and scrutiny, can visit the booth to tell me is not happy, the guests please pay attention to the car prophet, we will be the first time reported to the forefront of the new information for you. (responsible editor: Bear fly)相关的主题文章: