Global equity rally rebound! Institutional betting on the fed in September does not raise interest r-yvette yates

Global equity rally rebound! The Fed does not increase the interest rate mechanism bet September U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes in the warrant suffered last week after "black Friday", "Global Shares bonds double play situation reversed. In September 13th, U.S. stocks rose, the Dow rose 1.3%, U.S. oil rose 0.9%; the Nikkei 225 index edged up on Monday, Hong Kong stocks plummeted 800 points, up 300 in early trading; U.S. debt and most European bond prices rise. Also on the previous day, the global market volatility — the September 12th closing, Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index fell 3.4%, at 23290.60 points, the highest in 7 months since the biggest one-day decline; European stocks fell across the board, the Stoxx 600 index opened down 1.3%, the FTSE 100 index opened down 1.3%. U.S. debt, German bond yields continued upward. After two months of calm, the global market turmoil. Some of the view that this is because the Fed officials hawkish remarks resulted in September is expected to increase interest rates increase, while the market had once thought the Fed years are unable to raise interest rates, the high valuation of the expected mutation superposition of the capital market, will lead to dramatic fluctuations in asset prices. However, the first financial reporter interviewed the multi agency found that all are of the view that the Fed’s hawkish remarks just to raise interest rates during the year, not to prove safety in September. In addition, the current U.S. economic data is not enough to allow the central bank action in September. JP Morgan Emerging Markets Research Department of global head Luis Oganes told reporters, this year is expected to raise interest rates only once the Fed, emerging markets will not face too much pressure". On September institutions without interest due to the recent labor market performance is steady, and our expectation of economic activity and inflation, I believe that the possibility of further increases in interest rates have risen in recent months." Yellen said at the end of the 8 annual meeting of the global central bank. So far, easing expected reversal, the community began to speculate on the possibility of raising interest rates in September. In addition, in September 9th, has been dovish Fed rate setting committee members, the Boston Fed President Rosen (Eric Rosengren) said the interest rate hike. He said that if the wait time is too long, commercial real estate and other asset prices exist overheating risk. "Based on the data so far, I think it is reasonable to continue to focus on the normalization of monetary policy," he said". However, CITIC construction investment global macroeconomic researcher Li Yishuang told the first financial reporter expressed different views. "In fact, this statement and Rosengren in his August 31st speech compared with not much change, but the September FOMC meeting date approaching, so this time in the quiet period on the eve of the speech to the market caused a greater impact". He said: "Rosengren in his speech did not expressly support September hike position, but that the U.S. economy is gradually achieve full employment and inflation target of 2%, the gradual normalization of monetary policy is reasonable, long waiting time to tighten policy may bring the risk, is not conducive to the economy remains in a state of full employment. Cong相关的主题文章: