Glory for the country, encouraging the national self-confidence plants war

Glory for the country, encouraging the national self-confidence Rio Olympic Games have ended, but to China as the representative of the women’s volleyball Olympic team China show glory for the country’s hard struggle spirit, still long agitation in the minds of people. When the spirit of the women’s volleyball team beyond the sports level, to become the spirit of the people of all ethnic groups to encourage the spirit of the Rio Olympic Games in mainland China, the delegation of the Olympic Games to visit Hongkong, the people at the door shouting "Chinese women’s volleyball team"…… Women’s volleyball team spirit, become a kind of passion, ambition and confidence to express hold sway. "Chinese women not afraid of strong bravery, playing style, playing level, after a lapse of 12 years after winning the Olympic gold medal, full of team spirit, the people are very excited." General secretary Xi Jinping speech at the meeting with the thirty-first Olympic Games China sports delegation, explains why the old women’s volleyball team spirit. Looking back at the door open, struggling to catch up with the times, China women with "five successive" success "Chinese can" prove to the world, encourage people to participate in the modernization of strong and confident, played forte’s era of reform and opening. Echo through history, endeavour temper force, is the "rejuvenation of China" "for the mission, the Chinese people continue to write ZhuangGe incentive era, also let the spirit of women becoming powerful spiritual force of the human resources. Today’s China, has become more calm and confident, the country’s strength and no need to use the number of gold medals to prove. However, for patriotism, marching and fighting spirit, always is a powerful force for inspiring national self-confidence. Today China, facing the international competition is still like the Olympic Games for the general fierce, the reform process is just like the China volleyball Rio line as many obstacles. Facing the challenges of deepening the reform of economic transformation and upgrading, labor pains, poverty alleviation tough battle, every rattling, need like a team that Chinese teeth fight, a hard. To realize the goal of "two years of one hundred years" and to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we must carry forward the spirit of the Chinese nation with patriotism as its core, and give full play to the advantages of China which are characterized by collectivism. To win glory for the motherland, for the national good, for life…… No matter how the times change, this kind of simple resonance from the heart, is the power of the engine to ignite the passion of 100 million people, are the cause of the achievements of China’s powerful thrust. In Brazil, Rio, "Chinese manufacturing" has never been so closely in the overseas Olympic Games show on their own; in the world, "China brand" to improve the international influence, such as HUAWEI, ZTE, Lenovo, the rise of a number of excellent domestic brands. When China became the world’s top 25 global innovation index for the first time, China took the podium in a variety of international cultural awards…… Behind this surging, are for the blood play, one of the national mission of feelings, national revival of the great dream, shining industry country, science and technology, cultural power era of light. "Chinese team cheer! China refueling!" In the women’s volleyball team spirit China stirring strength, 1 billion 300 million Chinese sing "the five-star red flag, I am proud of you" melody, we will be able to in the national development, national progress continued in the arena;相关的主题文章: