Google, apple and other exit bid for twitter shares plunged 20%-zuczug

Google, apple and other exit bid for Twitter shares plunged 20% large companies to withdraw Twitter shares plunged 20% Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 7th news, according to foreign media reports, because investors are increasingly worried about the potential buyers for the acquisition of Twitter little interest, Twitter shares plummeted on Thursday. As user growth stalled, losses continued, Twitter Board agreed last month to consider the sale of the company, and informed prospective buyers want to complete the sale negotiations in October 27th before the company released third quarter earnings. However, the technology website Recode reported Wednesday that Google has been regarded as the most reasonable buyers, Twitter Disney, apple is unlikely to start bidding, the cloud software company Salesforce has become the only known bidders. Twitter shares fell 19.2% to $20.10 in intraday trading on Thursday, with a market capitalization of about $14 billion 200 million. As of Thursday’s close, Twitter shares fell $5, to close at $19.87, down 20.1%. Twitter shares fell 20% Salesforce CEO Mark · Benioff (Mark Benioff) has recently publicly expressed interest in the purchase of Twitter, but did not indicate whether the company has been in the bidding decision. Analysts said Benioff played down the possibility of a bid at an investor conference on Wednesday, the news sent Salesforce shares rose about 4%. "I didn’t say that I would buy Twitter, but I didn’t say it wouldn’t be bought," Benioff said in an interview Wednesday. Even at $20, Twitter’s share price is higher than $14 before the sale. Earlier speculation that Twitter’s potential acquisitions will appear in the spring. Many investors and analysts believe that for most potential buyers, Twitter is still too expensive, but Twitter did not make a clear plan for the sale of the failure of the backup plan. Investment bank analyst John · (John DiFucci); Defoe West in a report to clients, said Salesforce’s bid for Twitter reason is unclear. Salesforce’s share price may be reduced by approximately $11 due to the acquisition of Twitter, and will be reduced by $9.50 due to rising debt. CNBC quoted sources as saying, in addition to other potential buyers outside of Salesforce are also studying the feasibility of the acquisition of Twitter. (compile Xiao rain)  相关的主题文章: