Grand event and then start the development of the third Tibet Expo Revelation – Sohu travel

Fruitful development departure event: the third term Tibetan fair Revelation – Sohu in Tibet tourism, is destined to be a harvest season. The fields, farmers harvest machinery echoed the sound of a motor; the capital of Lhasa, held a high-level international expo. "The holy land of · Tibet in heaven", which is a new platform for Tibet’s opening to the outside world, which is a new display of the image of Tibet, which is a new opportunity for the development of Tibet. Win-win cooperation, plateau event. The third Tibet international tourism culture Chinese Expo held successfully, opened Tibet into the "The Belt and Road", promoting the open development, joint development and sharing development new journey, the snowy plateau is a new attitude to open, inclusive and confident standing on the roof of the world. Objectives: to lead the new development of new ideas, this is the first large-scale exhibition of creative products in Tibet." Tibet is the world cultural and Creative Development Co., ltd.. Indeed, the third Tibet fair, the 12 Tibet local original brand jointly set up a creative brand alliance, exhibited a strong local characteristics of Tibet innovative products. These creative tourism products by various guests and visitors attention. "Heaven and earth Shrine" "heaven Tibet" with everyone. Tibet tourism culture industry has become the third Tibetan fair highlights. "We should combine cultural development with the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and inspire confidence and determination to build a better life for the people of all ethnic groups." "We should combine the development of culture with the rule of law and stability, and build a common spiritual home for all ethnic groups." "The cultural development and ecological protection combined, effectively protect the snow covered plateau, mountains and rivers every tree and bush." Cultural development and poverty alleviation should be combined to make the advantages of cultural resources into economic advantages, development advantages, increase the advantages." The third session of the Expo Forum on the development of Tibet Tibetan cultural industry will accelerate the Tibet cultural industry give advice and suggestions, Tibet is accelerating the construction of national characteristics and cultural protection, actively cultivate the cultural industry has become a pillar industry of national economy. Efforts to build an important world tourism destination, an important cultural and cultural protection of the Chinese nation and an important channel for the opening of South Asia, Tibet is the future development of tourism culture and a great blueprint for the future. The third session of the Forum on Tibetan Expo tourism development of Tibet tourism, "tourism services standardization and industrial upgrading as the theme, marked a new stage of development of tourism in our region into the transformation and upgrading of quality and efficiency. Vice secretary of municipal Party committee, chairman of the autonomous region Lobsang Jean Falva in a keynote speech at the forum pointed out that we should carry out the development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing, actively adapt to the new normal economic development, to create a global tourism system; optimizing the spatial layout, and strive to create a coordinated development of regional tourism pattern; green safety. Make Tibet the sky bluer, the water is more green, more clean air; accelerate infrastructure interoperability, to further expand the Tibet "land access" and "air corridor"; the tourism culture as enriching industry, let more farmers eat rice tourism. The participants are eager to Philippine相关的主题文章: