Guizhou Chishui long march spirit to lead the way out of poverty – Sohu travel demonophobia

Guizhou Chishui with the long march spirit of poverty alleviation leading tourism – Sohu in September 17th, sponsored by the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government Office in Beijing, Guizhou Province Tourism Development Committee, Guizhou Provincial Department of culture, the CPC Chishui Municipal Committee, municipal people’s Government hosted the "victory of the long march of Red Army memorial cum 80 years old revolutionary base areas’ tourism and poverty" seminar "held in the international the conference center of Beijing, former commander of the Beijing military region, the 50 anniversary of the founding of the National Day military parade commander admiral Li Xinliang, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy director of the House Judiciary Committee, Taiwan League Central Committee Vice Chairman Wang Yifu, Ma Bingzhi, Xu Genchu, will be cold wide, Li Yuanzheng, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of culture Pan Zhenzhou, the former Central Foreign Affairs Office, State Council Information Office Deputy Director Yang Zhengquan the leaders, experts and more than 400 people from all walks of life have a joyous gathering, the memory of history, Don’t forget the heart, build the heart of old revolutionary base areas and the capital city of Beijing around the "bridge", carry forward the spirit of the Long March, passing the red gene, boosting Chishui tourism development and poverty alleviation work suggestions. Chishui has a world-class tourism resources, is a great wealth of nature bestowed on Chishui. Chishui not only because of the beautiful and mysterious Chishui river runs through the whole domain name, because "four Chishui" and the Chishui Danxia world natural heritage and the famous Chinese and foreign, 80 years ago, the Red Army wrote a revolution in the history of the heroic chapter for the Chinese nation, left a valuable spiritual wealth for Chinese children. At present, poverty alleviation is the biggest political responsibility of Party committees and governments in accordance with the "scientific, precise poverty, poor governance, effective poverty reduction", Chishui City, earnestly implement various measures to resolutely win precise poverty, poverty alleviation that can not afford to lose the battle, to ensure that this year’s overall poverty. Tourism is also beautiful economy, green economy, more enriching industry, tourism in poverty alleviation both rich and rich "pocket", "head" and more "ecological", is to keep development and ecological two bottom line, effective measures to promote poverty alleviation and development. In recent years, Chishui city conscientiously implement the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping, always uphold the beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan concept, adhere to the "development ideas, the panorama of Chishui global tourism", with the harmonious development of cultural tourism economy and society, the poverty alleviation as the "main business", let 123 industrial tourism around the turn, build "panorama style building, full season experience and participation of the whole society, the whole industry development, the full range of services," the new development pattern of regional management, to promote the tourism industry blowout growth, let Guang Daqun the "go on tour, eat meal, tourism tourism property, to achieve the organic unity of the rich people, ecological beauty. "12th Five-Year" period, the city’s GDP average annual growth of more than 17% people, tourism next year growth of 31.8%; in 2015, the Chishui tourism exceeded 7 million passengers, tourism revenue reached 7 billion 500 million yuan, the proportion of GDP accounted for 26.4%, has become a pillar industry in Chishui, this year will exceed 10 million people, effectively the local economic and social development, led the people to get rich, become a global tour of Guizhou Chishui sample. At the seminar, experts and scholars around the spirit of the Long March, the red culture, revolution.相关的主题文章: