Guo Ailun won’t ask the doctor tonight in two days, the body will be

Guo Ailun: don’t ask the doctor to play tonight in two days, the body will be better in training Guo Ailun good mood sina sports news Beijing time on November 9th, the 2016-17 season CBA league tournament fifth round game today to play. Tonight, the most concerned about Shenzhen’s home game against Liaoning, because the game will lift the ban on Guo Ailun. Guo Ailun’s comeback is the biggest surprise, four games after Guo Ailun’s debut could inject tonic for the team? Guangdong lost to the timely adjustment of Liaoning? These are the fans care about. "Look at the situation, the body has been good, these two days and a little bit of the situation. Come on, look at the situation…… Tonight is not playing, but also with a doctor of communication." Guo Ailun accepted the interview after the training. Although the ban can not play, but Guo Ailun has been training with the team, but in Dongguan he again because of physical discomfort went to the hospital, "the dinner, there is a bit of enteritis." Speaking of the current situation, Guo Ailun said, today feeling in general, not particularly good, the physical state or general. But it is estimated that two days, they can be completely good." (Chen Xi)相关的主题文章: