Half a year ago Julie exposure derailed worth billions of Regal married (video) lara fabian

According to the American magazine "Star Magazine" reported, Julie fell in love with a married billionaire who was worth nearly dollars and 1 billion yuan before the divorce, and the relationship between the two people remained as long as half a year. Julie and Peter (information) Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Hollywood couple Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt), Angelina Julie (Angelina Jolie) confirmed the divorce, but also obtain custody of 6 children by a woman, but has 2 people for divorce, not to explain. It triggered speculation that the truth behind the divorce. However, before it came, Julie did not divorce before, had to catch a married rich, so that the outside world was very surprised. According to the American magazine Star Magazine, Julie fell in love with a married millionaire who was worth nearly 1 billion dollars, and the relationship between the two remained as long as half a year ago. According to those who broke the news, the billionaire Nagaai Toshiro, with Middle Eastern descent, and educated in Britain, but also very concerned about the issue of human rights, and therefore Julie often in various charitable activities to meet, 2 people therefore rijiushengqing. The news pointed out that Brad – Pitt is found Julie and the Regal thing, will be furious and drunk on the plane. The source said, "when he first heard Julie confess to him, he was shocked and didn’t know how to react, and he could not restrain his anger." But according to "Gossip Cop" reported, a source came forward to refute the rumor, said "Julie and little cloth marriage, and did not appear any of the third, the so-called" mysterious rich "is also fictional." Julie Pitt divorce "Aniston expression pack" burst red network

曝朱莉半年前出轨身价数十亿已婚富豪  [摘要]据美国杂志《Star Magazine》报道,朱莉在离婚以前便爱上一名身价近美金10亿元的已婚富豪,而且两人的关系也维持长达半年。  朱莉与皮特(资料图)  腾讯娱乐讯 据台湾媒体报道,好莱坞夫妻档布拉德-皮特(Brad Pitt)、安吉丽娜-朱莉(Angelina Jolie)证实离婚,而日前也确定由女方获得6名子女的监护权,但是至今2人对于离婚一事,并未出面说明,因此引发外界不断猜测离婚的背后真相。然而日前却传出,朱莉在还没离婚以前,就已经搭上一名已婚富豪,令外界相当吃惊。  据美国杂志《Star Magazine》报道,朱莉在离婚以前便爱上一名身价近美金10亿元的已婚富豪,而且两人的关系也维持长达半年。据消息人士爆料,那名富豪长相俊朗,拥有中东血统,并在英国接受教育,也非常关注人权问题,因此与朱莉时常在不同的慈善活动碰面,2人因此日久生情。  消息指出,布拉德-皮特是发现朱莉与该名富豪的事情,才会在飞机上大发雷霆及喝醉。爆料人士称,“他一开始听到朱莉向他坦白此事时,震惊得不知如何反应,才会一时抑制不住怒火动手。”  但据《Gossip Cop》报道,某位消息人士出面驳斥该传言,称“朱莉与小布的婚姻当中,并没有出现任何的第三者,所谓的‘神秘富豪’也是虚构的。” 朱莉皮特离婚“安妮斯顿表情包”爆红网络相关的主题文章: