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Hangzhou 1 forensic practitioners for 22 years dissection over 800 corpses, called Xiaoshan forensic circles knife Hu Xinquan, Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade vice captain, deputy director of forensic medicine, nicknamed "a knife"". In 22 years, he talked with the corpse more than 800 times, at most a year dissection of 56 corpses, the number of human injury identification of more than 10 thousand cases, issued all kinds of attestation 26 thousand copies. Hu Xinquan was born in Yongkang and was a son-in-law of Xiaoshan. 70 years later, he was a son-in-law. Many people met Hu Xinquan and asked him why he was engaged in the profession of Forensic Medicine "In high school, the school played in a movie" to stop "is the story of the hearse, ‘forensic’ story." Hu Xinquan said, after watching the film, posted in the school window of the Chinese legal newspaper, there are several issues about the "forensic", so that he began to pay attention to this mysterious occupation. At the end of the college entrance examination, the first volunteer who was willing to learn medicine was the medical profession, and eventually admitted to the West China University of forensic medicine in. "This is my first wish of the third major, at that time to report to the school, the forensic medicine profession is still very confused." Hu Xinquan said, just started to learn the anatomy lesson, but also to the doctor prescribed drugs there calm class, then slowly overcome psychological barriers. In the fourth year, Hu Xinquan began to fight with the forensic medicine. The first to use "knife" is a drink pesticide Dutch act woman, because the families of the death autopsy objection requirements. It was May, the weather is hot, the woman was buried more than 10 days after the autopsy, in the face of highly decomposed body Kebanchushen Hu Xinquan has done calm, he successfully completed the autopsy report with the teacher, let the family sincerely convinced. The details provide important clues to solve the case in 1994, Hu graduated from university to work in Xiaoshan after the new whole. "A lot of corpses are processed every year," Hu Xinquan said. His duty is to make the body speak, because the different causes of death determine the different nature of the case, and the corpse is the most direct evidence. In September 2012, a female corpse was found in a river channel in Xiaoshan. At the time, Hu Xinquan felt strange when he first saw the picture of the corpse. "A dead man’s nostrils with white foam type bacteria, another bloody nose. If the deceased is drowning, water absorption to the lungs body need a period of time will appear white fungus bubble, but another bloody nose." Hu Xinquan said, and then he asked the unit for more photos, from the photo found that the woman’s neck has a mark, it is clear that this is a murder case. Soon, the murderer found it. Surprisingly, the killer is the father of the woman. Originally, my father bought three copies of insurance for his daughter, but in the eyes of the father daughter is very naughty, angrily kill daughter going to pianbao. In the end, the father didn’t cheat the insurance, but he got the punishment. Hu Xinquan, a Xiaoshan forensic expert, often shut himself in his office, looks for clues in thousands of corpses, loves his work, and sends his clothes to his sleeping office..

杭1法医从业22年解剖超800具尸体 被称萧山法医界一刀   胡新全,杭州萧山区公安分局刑侦大队副大队长,副主任法医,外号“一刀”。从业22年间,他与尸体“对话”超800次,最多一年解剖了56具尸体,人体损伤程度鉴定数达1万多例,出具各类鉴证书2.6万份。   刚学解剖还开过镇定药物   戴一副黑框眼镜,70后的胡新全是永康人,萧山女婿。很多人见到胡新全,都会问他为何会从事法医这个职业?   “上高中时,学校里播放了一部电影《拦灵车人》,讲的就是‘法医’的故事。”胡新全说,看电影之后,张贴在学校橱窗里的《中国法制报》上有几期内容是讲述“法医”的,让他开始关注这个神秘的职业。   高考结束后填报志愿时,一心想学医的胡新全填报的第一志愿都是医学专业,最终被华西大的法医专业录取。   “这是我第一志愿的第三个专业,当时去学校报到的时候,对法医这个专业仍然是很迷茫的。”胡新全说,刚开始学解剖课时,还到校医那里开过镇定类的药物,之后才慢慢克服心理障碍。大四那年,胡新全就跟着法医开始实战了。第一次上手“动刀”的是位喝农药自杀的女子,因为家属对死因有异议要求开棺验尸。当时是5月,天气已经有点热了,女子下葬10多天后开棺验尸,面对高度腐烂的尸体科班出身的胡新全已经做到镇定自若,他配合老师成功完成,尸检报告让家属心服口服。   细节为破案提供重要线索   1994年,胡新全大学毕业后到萧山工作。“每年都会处理大量尸体,”胡新全说,他的职责就是让尸体“说话”,因为不同的死因决定着案件不同的性质,尸体是最直接的证据。   2012年9月,萧山一河道里发现一具女尸。当时,胡新全第一眼看到尸体的照片时,就觉得怪怪的。   “死者的一个鼻孔有白色菌型泡沫,另一个鼻孔有血水。如果死者是溺水的话,水吸到肺部尸体需要一段时间才会出现白色的菌型泡沫,但另一个鼻孔却有血水。”胡新全说,随后他向办案单位要了更多的照片,从照片中发现女尸的脖子上有勒痕,很明显,这是一起凶杀案。   很快,凶手就找到了。出人意料的是,凶手是女子的父亲。原来,父亲给女儿买了三份保险,但在父亲眼中女儿非常不乖,一气之下杀了女儿打算骗保。最终,这个父亲没有骗到保险,却得到了应有惩罚。   萧山法医界的“一刀”   胡新全常常把自己关在办公室,在上千张的尸体照中寻找破案的蛛丝马迹,爱人也非常支持他的工作,常给加班睡办公室的他送衣服。他在解剖等刑事侦查技能上成了萧山法医界“第一把刀”。   在同事徐银龙眼中,“一刀”这个称号可不是浪得虚名,面对各种尸体,他绝对不排除任何凶案的可能性。   有一年,萧山发现一具沉尸,是个小女孩,她身上绑着的蛇皮袋里有几块砖头。“他发现砖头有苔藓,从苔藓入手他开始在发现尸体的周围寻找同样的砖头,通过有苔藓的砖头锁定嫌疑人,最终通过DNA比对锁定了凶手,就是小女孩的妈妈。”徐银龙说。相关的主题文章: