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Harbin a hotel kitchen male chopped 8 Hot pot shop manageress lit 16 PM, Nangang District Harbin street, No. 148 A Hg Hot pot shop on fire, the fire will be next to the warehouse store and parked in front of a TOYOTA car burning in different degrees. It is understood that the cause of the fire suspected the hotel Houchu men with female assistant manager dispute, after the stabbing. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation. According to TOYOTA car, at about 17, he received a phone call, said hot pot shop fire ignited his car. He arrived at the scene to see that the fire officers and men were fighting the fire, his car rear and rear fire. By understanding that seems to be the hotel kitchen and colleagues dispute, knife wounding will ignite the hotel. According to a nearby hotel staff, before the fire, Hot pot store Houchu a young man and woman lobby manager suspected a dispute because of debt disputes, man with a knife chopped arm female assistant manager, manager of the hotel after the woman went to a nearby home lottery station, 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the hospital after being. Man after wounding, the first floor bar is ignited, then ignited and the lobby houchu. After the fire, a person in charge of the shop took the fire extinguisher, but the fire was too big to be controlled. Nangang patrol Auxiliary Police Brigade four squadron auxiliary police received the alarm immediately rushed to the scene, when the hot pot shop emit a lot of smoke, beside a car was ignited, they quickly put out the fire, and promptly contact the owner. Later, the owner arrived, but the car had a certain degree of damage. As the number of onlookers on the scene was too many, they evacuated the crowd, and then the fire officers and men arrived and put out the fire. The man has been taken away for investigation seven Street police station, the injured woman in stable condition. Police are investigating. Reporter Shi Tianyi.

哈市一饭店后厨男砍伤女经理 点燃火锅店   8日16时许,哈尔滨市南岗区汉广街148号某火锅店内起火,大火将旁边的仓买店以及停在门前的一辆丰田轿车不同程度烧损。据了解,起火原因疑似饭店后厨男子与女大堂经理发生争执,后持刀伤人纵火。目前,警方已经介入调查。   据丰田轿车车主讲,17时左右他接到电话,说火锅店起火将他的车引燃了。他赶到现场看到,消防官兵正在救火,他的车后座及后尾部起火。通过了解得知好像是饭店后厨与同事发生争执,拿刀伤人后将饭店引燃。   据附近饭店工作人员讲,起火前,火锅店后厨一名年轻男子与女大堂经理疑似因债务纠纷发生争执,男子持刀将女大堂经理胳膊砍伤,女经理逃出饭店后跑到附近一家彩票站内,后被赶到的120急救车送往医院。男子伤人后,先将一楼吧台引燃,随后将大堂以及后厨引燃。起火后,店内一名负责人拿灭火器救火,可火势太大无法控制。   南岗巡逻辅警大队四中队辅警接到报警后立即赶往现场,当时火锅店内冒出很多烟,旁边还有一辆车被引燃,他们赶紧进行扑救,并及时联系车主。后来车主赶到,但车有一定程度损毁。由于现场围观人数过多,他们疏散人群,后消防官兵赶到将火扑灭。   目前男子已被七政街派出所带走接受调查,受伤女子伤势稳定。警方正在进行调查。   □记者 史天一相关的主题文章: