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"Harvest tourism" let visitors taste farming culture in the "nostalgia" map for tourists to experience farming culture. Yang Yun photo Beijing Shun September 20 Xinhua: Harvest tourism "let visitors taste farming culture in" nostalgia "author Yang Yun at present, it is charming autumn harvest earth good season, walking in Changshun County of Guizhou Province town Guangshun Phoenix Village stone dam, and the place is the fruit of apple, grape. Experience harvest the fruit in the fruit through the crowd, took out a mobile phone camera shooting, a picture frame picture of the harvest. The picture shows the experience of farming culture. Photo by Yang Yun autumn harvest, have attracted tourists picking. This season strong nostalgia. Walking in the fields of Golden Phoenix dam, paddy wind, much of the "Feng" with the villagers outside the gate, the young shepherd leisurely riding on the cattle back through the field. Wearing gloves, scythemen, cutting rice, Tani Ho, the children in the city under the guidance of the busy farmer. Some children are wearing a lovely scarecrow, some children will be put into the rice threshing machine to "fight", from noisy, enjoyable. "Through science to explain the scene, experience, a show of traditional farm implements, visitors to the vivid reproduction of the peasant farming scene. On the other hand, invite villagers performances, allowing visitors to experience the joy of harvest farm." The staff told reporters, "farming culture is Chinese tradition, the taste of nostalgia, everything is carefully designed, in order to allow visitors to experience the harvest ‘Nostalgia’." The picture shows the experience of farming culture. Photo by Yang Yun in Xingren County of Guizhou Province under the town, the mountain is about to mature harvest of barley. "The hope that people in the perception of Xingren barley industry at the same time, the traditional culture of farming harvest experience." Xingren County barley growers Li Wenjun said, "Xingren is longevity, longevity is barley health food, harvest Changxin, can let visitors feel the joy of harvest, but also can recommend Adlay very good, both tourists and Noh, rich farmers." All kinds of farming and related family games experience the most interesting, farming, picking, let the life in the city in the city to experience the fun and hard farming, is the real sense of nostalgia. Guizhou is known as "eight mountains and one water and one field". In the past, the mountain is restricting the development of Guizhou "bottleneck", today, Kaoshanchishan, Sanchi Masa became the development characteristics of Guizhou around. In recent years, the Guizhou provincial Party committee and government issued a series of policies to support the "three rural" policy, and actively guide and support the development of efficient agriculture in mountainous areas, the effect is obvious. Between heaven and earth, the most beautiful harvest. All over Guizhou to follow the laws of the mountains, the development of ecological agriculture industry characteristics, experience the joy of harvest has become another highlight of rural tourism in Guizhou. Nostalgia is a kind of nostalgia, is a kind of spiritual attachment to the human heart of past life." Cultural scholars believe that the Yellow River "only saw this nostalgia behind expectations, rural tourism development will come out a correct ‘remember nostalgia’ on the road. Therefore, the development of rural tourism and the purpose is to provide not only the urban tourists can enjoy the scenery, recalling the good old days, get spiritual comfort, can make them here to recuperate after regain confidence in life and power of Tourism)相关的主题文章: