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Meditation The electrocardiogram machine is considered best to check the heart related problems. It is a useful device that records heartbeat and detects the major cardiology issues. The machine used to diagnose the heart beat rate, thickening of walls, cardiac chamber abnormalities and the effects of certain drugs on the health of heart. Widely used by the doctors and physicians to diagnose the patients those have heart related disease. It is a portable device that can be easily placed over the hospitals racks and tables. An ECG machine monitors the functioning of heart and record the impulse rate emitted by the heart. All the widespread doctor clinics and laboratories have ECG machines that is used to examine the heart patients. It is a life saving device through which major health issues can be detected easily. The electrocardiogram machine measures the heartbeat in the form of waves and represent it through graphic values. In the recent times, ECG machine supports additional features and functions that is mentioned below: History of ECG Machine The ECG machine has evolved over the years from a very basic device that was used to measure electricity. This device was known as Galvanometer which was developed in the year 1749. Later, in the year 1849, it was enhanced to measure the current, that device was better known as Rheotome. In 1868, Julius Bernstein modified the device into the differential Rheotome. This was the first kind of ECG machine introduced that time. The machine was experimented on frog hearts, by measuring their heartbeat using two electrodes. This was the machine that today we know as electrocardiograph machine. Afterward, several changes was made in the machine and the first electrical activity of the human heart was recorded in 1887. Functions of ECG Machine An ECG machine consists of electrode leads, when attached to the chest of a person it measures the heart beat. The impulse rate recorded by the machine is presented on a piece of paper in the form of graphs. The machine consists of multiple instruments that work together to provide the best results. For instance, the electrodes are the set of lead wires that is equipped with the small metal discs. Similarly, leads can be easily attached to the different parts of body such as chest, arms and legs to measure the rhythm of heart. Patients suffering from chest pain, anxiety, breathing problem, weakness and nausea are re.mended with ECG test by most of the doctors and physicians. Evaluate the functioning of heart an electrocardiogram machine assists cardiologists to detect the major heart diseases such as heart attack, valves sizes, etc. Likewise, the machine consists of various output devices such as magnetic tapes, oscilloscopes, .puters and more. The recorder records and prints the ECG signal and provide the final output in a paper strip which indicates electrical signals. An ECG machine records the functioning of heart in the form of electronics waves. Any disturbance in the heart or health related issues are now easy to diagnose due to ECG machines. There are various types of electrocardiogram machines which can be brought from online stores. The topnotch manufacturers and exporters of the domain are able to provide variety of choices in ECG machines. All the information related to the ECG equipments is available online, where you can easily read out the detailed specifications of the machine in an easy manner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: