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Hebei Huaxia happy youth in action! The cultivation of Hebei own star Sohu sports reporter Zhang Jing in January this year, the Provincial Association reached an agreement with the Chinese happy, will be the first batch of U17 delivery age 27 players to the Chinese happy, then there are more than U15 age youth players have been added to the well-being of Chinese team. These players in addition to professional training and competition in the club, will continue to participate in the National Games and other major competitions as my team. At present, Hebei Huaxia happy football club has a total of nearly 100 young players, including 2 U17 echelon, U15 echelon of the 1, U13 echelon is being formed. In the first team in the super gradually gain a firm foothold, while Hebei Chinese youth training strategy has also been quietly layout. Build a complete talent training system in April 17th this year, the first time in the history of the Hebei derby. But for the fans in Hebei, watching the boiling of the stadium, but inevitably some loss: the field only Haifeng Ding a Hebei player. Looking at the Super League, Hebei nationality player is not too much, Wu Xi, Zhang Chengdong is a natural leader, but they are not entirely from the Hebei youth football system. In 50s and 60s of last century, with the Tianjin football resources of Hebei football had dropped, but in 1967 the restoration of Tianjin municipality, Hebei football lacks a strong impetus, results have been unsatisfactory. On the other hand, as a result of the long absence of the top league team, but also to let the young football players in Hebei lost the upper exit. Shijiazhuang Tangu primary school football team coach Jiang Jianhua has reluctantly told reporters: "I develop a few years ago some small players went to Changchun Yatai echelon, some went to Hengda foot school who are willing to send their children, in fact, so far, the Hebei no top team." In recent years, in the frenzied looting movement intensified, an international level of the value of the player has reached 100 million yuan. Even the level does not meet the requirements of young players, still in short supply. This is the status quo of Hebei football and even Chinese football, but also the reality of China must face happiness. Happy Chinese Football Club General Manager Fu Qiang believes that the crazy money in the short term may improve performance, but not a permanent solution of the club, "the real occupation of the club, we must build their own talent cultivation system. We want to cultivate the future of Hebei province and the association with the international star. This way to buy players much slower and much more complicated, but we will not hesitate to go." At the beginning of the season the team’s swearing in ceremony, Hebei Huaxia happiness football club said, to strengthen the club’s internal hematopoietic function. Youth training will be one of the core tasks of the club. Actively transplanted Japanese youth training model in recent years, the Japanese football talent endless, thanks to Japan’s perfect youth training system. At the beginning of this year, the Chinese happy to announce the Japanese J league team, the former coach of Japan Kawasaki striker U17 national coach? Mian, served as the official club youth team coach. At the same time, the team assistant coach, fitness coach and goalkeeper coach all from japan. Throughout most of the domestic youth academy,"相关的主题文章: