Hefei illegally built new tricks the activities of the board 10 thousand yuan overnight that complet candy candy

Hefei illegally built new tricks: the activities of the board 10 thousand yuan overnight that built – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Hefei on September 23rd news (Hefei station reporter Huang Xiting) according to the China sound "center wide news" report, Hefei "illegally built" with the new pattern: in the unexploited land, to spend more than 10 thousand yuan, for one or two days even a night into a activities of the board, instead of the traditional brick used for office etc.. Yesterday, in the supervision of Hefei evergreen Baohe District Street Management Center, a "overnight housing" Jinzhai Road near the road junction were removed and hidden. Hefei City, Jinzhai road and East Road junction is a potential untapped land. In the bare land, there are only four activity model room. Hefei Baohe District Evergreen Street Management Center Captain Zhang Fengyun told reporters, here is the demolition of houses, last year. However, just a few days ago, some people call to report that someone secretly building." The inspectors after the inspection found that the original is someone in the construction activities of the board, the inspectors said, as long as it is without planning approved construction, all belong to the illegal construction, and supervise the construction side quickly removed, but do not ignore the construction side. Yesterday afternoon, the evergreen urban management center issued the final instructions in the supervision of inspectors, the construction side will have to dismantle the activities of the board. It is understood that the activities of the board, and before the traditional brick built building compared to time faster, generally one or two days can be completed, and some even built overnight. In addition, the activities of the board are more expensive, according to Zhang Fengyun, at least before brick several million cost, and this can be as long as ten thousand. Now this "overnight room" is replacing the traditional brick, has become a new pattern of illegal construction. A law enforcement team told reporters, because of the activities of the board to build up a low cost, some people regardless of illegal construction, this "overnight room", for their own use. Hefei urban management also said that if the public found such illegal construction, you can call the mayor hotline to report.相关的主题文章: