Henan Province Sports Bureau, former director of the money to help promote lovers fled 5 years of su remonstrate

Henan Province Sports Bureau, former director of the money to help promote lovers fled 5 years of surrender "Dong Bureau Li Fang bribery case sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for four years, and fined 100 thousand yuan." In September 30, 2016, the director of the Yanshi municipal procuratorate anti corruption Bureau of Henan Province, Dong Guohui got the message. He and his colleagues have been working hard for 5 and a half years. At the beginning of 2011, when he was deputy director of the Yanshi municipal procuratorate anti corruption Bureau Dong Guohui in Henan Province Sports Bureau and former director of Mr. Han’s crimes, from the Xuchang City Sports School (hereinafter referred to as the Xuchang sports school principal) Yuanmou mouth that, when he was senior coach of Zhengzhou Sports Bureau bicycle training center Li Fang, suspected of using the special relationship between Han’s accepting Yuanmou 18.02 million yuan in bribes. According to Yuan Mou account, he was promoted to Xuchang in order to solve the sports school principal, deputy level things have been looking for a Korean help, but with little success. After the Spring Festival in 2009, Li Fang and Yuanmou together with the team in Zhuhai during the winter training, Yuanmou way and Li Fangla relationship, hoping to another way to achieve the purpose of promotion. Two people familiar with the idea of buying a house together. In May of that year, they were the same as the three villages in Zhongshan City, the same floor of the same floor of the house, in the signing of the purchase contract to be prepaid in the purchase of more than 18.02 yuan. At this time, Li Fang not enough money on the grounds, to the yuan raised a loan, Yuan Mou immediately promised. Shortly after returning from Zhuhai, Li Fangyue yuan and Han eat together. During the meeting, Li Fang in front of Mr. Han’s face money, Yuanmou hint on the spot ". Then the two sides tacitly, no mention of repayment. Although no 180 thousand yuan, but Yuanmou but in Han’s help, and soon was appointed to the Xuchang sports school principals (deputy director). Yuan said that the information from the Han confession has been confirmed, Li Fang has a common suspicion of bribery. In October 1, 2011, the anti corruption Bureau Li Fang decided to initiate an investigation and take coercive measures. However, in May of that year, Li Fang had fled. In October, Yanshi city procuratorate Li Fang online pursuit. This chase, is 5 years. 5 years, the anti corruption Bureau of the hospital work has not stopped, although it will be Mr. Han to clear all the facts of the crime, which in March 4, 2013 by the Luoyang City Intermediate People’s court for taking bribes and sentenced to thirteen years imprisonment, but in the pursuit of Li Fang’s work, but no progress. As if she disappeared, without hearing a word about. In 2015, Dong Guohui served as the anti corruption Bureau, the contractor has been removed, but the unfinished cases, he didn’t forget. In April 30, 2015, according to the relevant requirements of the state "Skynet action", the hospital set up a Li Fang case pursuit team, deployed, technology and other departments of police officers and anti-corruption police team, coordinating public security bureau network monitoring unit and other related technical personnel support. The Task Force stationed in Zhengzhou began to carry out the work, decided to finish the task, never return yan. First of all, the investigators surveyed in February 2010 after Li Fang’s immigration information, she did not find immigration records, together with their relatives and their property status, ruled out she has fled to abroad may. Secondly, the investigators after portrait comparison, in Henan Province Household Registration letter相关的主题文章: