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Hengda backdoor shenshenfang A to complete the listing of real estate heavyweights the return of A shares of the investment community news, the evening of November 13th, shenshenfang A announced that the company intends to issue shares and pay cash to buy 100% stake in Hengda Real estate, after the completion of the transaction, Kchibo real estate (the actual control of Xu Jiayin) will become the controlling shareholder of the company. The announcement also said that the specific restructuring plan and the relevant provisions of the transaction to the parties to the transaction signed a major asset restructuring agreement shall prevail. Because of this major asset restructuring of the underlying assets involved in large scale, large workload, involves many related matters, and the relevant parties on the trading scheme is still needs further discussion, demonstration and improvement, and communicate with the negotiations on the details of the transaction. Therefore, the company expects to enter in the restructuring program after the suspension in 2 months in November 14, 2016 before the disclosure of the restructuring plan or report, the company’s stock on November 14, 2016 opening date to continue the suspension. In early October 3, 2016, Hengda announced that will be buying shenshenfang A, and suspended in Hong Kong on the same day. The following is part of the announcement Hengda Hengda Group announced by Chinese ("the company") in accordance with the rules governing the listing of securities "(" The Stock Exchange of HongKong Limited "Listing Rules") article 13.09 and chapter 571st of the laws of Hongkong "Securities and Futures Ordinance" ("Securities and Futures Ordinance) part XIVA insider news published articles. The proposed reorganization of the board of directors ("board") hereby notify the company shareholders and investors, the company domestic Affiliated Companies Guangzhou Kchibo Real Estate Co. Ltd. ("Kchibo home") and Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd ("Evergrande") in October 3, 2016 and the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Real Estate (Group) Limited by Share Ltd ("shenshenfang" () the Shenzhen stock exchange A share stock code: 000029; B Share Stock Code: 200029) and its controlling shareholder of Shenzhen Investment Holdings Company Limited ("Shenzhen Investment Holdings") entered into a cooperation agreement ("agreement"). The cooperative agreement, in order to conclude a formal trade agreement for the premise, through shenshenfang to issue RMB ordinary shares (A shares) and / or the payment of cash to buy a Kchibo home held 100% stake in Hengda Real Estate ("target assets") so that Kchibo become the controlling shareholder of shenshenfang property transactions (the "proposed restructuring trading"). Deep room and deep investment control are independent of the company’s third party, deeply engaged in the property is mainly engaged in the development and development. The parties agree to the cooperation agreement, will negotiate in good faith and as far as the reasonable effort to complete the proposed reorganization transaction. The proposed reorganization transaction clauses shall prevail in a formal agreement, if made the formal trade agreement, the company will be in accordance with the provisions of the Listing Rules of the announcement. The cooperation agreement does not constitute a formal transfer of the target assets, the specific restructuring plan and the relevant terms of the transaction to be signed by the parties to the transaction of a major asset restructuring agreement shall prevail. The parties also agree to engage in exclusive negotiations within seven months from the date of signing of the cooperation agreement. Exclusive period, the parties agreed not with other parties and make Lei proposed restructuring相关的主题文章: