Hollande the United States after the 911 terrorist attacks exacerbated the spread of terrorism aapt.exe

Hollande: the policy of the United States after the 911 terrorist attack has exacerbated the spread of terrorism – Beijing, Beijing, September 12, according to foreign media reported on 11, France is also facing many threats of terrorism, President Hollande paid tribute to the victims of the 911 terrorist attack at the same time, also to take the government of the United States in the 911 terrorist attack policy criticism, he believes that the former US President George W. Bush on the Iraq war exacerbated the threat of terrorism. In September 11th, he wrote on his Facebook website: today we are all americans. However, he also questioned whether people are able to assess and understand that this is relevant to all of us, and we are now facing an unprecedented kind of terrorism? Hollande analysis pointed out that the U.S. government on this from abroad, there are plans to implement measures in their domestic terrorist attacks did not take to eradicate terrorist attacks, but to expand the scope of the threat, especially in iraq. Agence France-Presse pointed out that Hollande this sentence is clearly the United States launched the war led to the fall of the war in Iraq, Sadam, the fall of the war in Iraq, the United states. Hollande went on to write that, despite the French President Chirac’s refusal to take part in the war in Iraq and criticized it, France has become the victim of the consequences of the war. Hollande pointed out that some dates and events have an impact on the world and the development of a century. Now, whenever there is a terrorist attack in the world, everyone will think of the lives of the 911 terrorist attacks and their families. Terror continues to repeat itself, tragedy continues, and every time these attacks target democracy, freedom, tolerance and culture. Hollande concluded that in the face of terrorism, democracy will win, because when people do not give in to fear, to maintain unity, freedom is an unstoppable force.相关的主题文章: