Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission issued an online account to fully meet the mainland capita ca4111

Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission released online account to meet the mainland capital sea – Securities Sohu Shenzhen Tong Hongkong start soon, and then zoom trick, release the Hongkong securities online account, provide convenience for Hongkong to explore the mainland brokerage business. A broker pointed out that Hongkong has always wanted to be the mainland capital "preferred overseas investment center", in the background of interoperability will be upgraded under the market on the one hand and the mainland standards, on the other hand also means that Hongkong for the mainland to funds have been fully souped". Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission issued a circular on the day before, allowing the broker for customers in the first non face to face account, use the mainland and Hongkong officially recognized the electronic signature to verify the identity of customers and signed customer agreement. Before that, if the customers face to face in the form of accounts, account files must be signed by the broker, staff, or registered professional accountants, notaries and other professionals to present testimony. According to the Circular of the Hongkong SFC, overseas CAS has obtained the Hongkong SAR government "certificate of mutual recognition of qualifications", electronic certificate, issued by the electronic signature, and has the same legal effect of written documents, the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission accepted as to verify the identity of customers with. Hongkong brokerage customers on the Internet to open an account, but also allows customers to use these electronic certificates generated by the electronic signature to sign a client agreement. Hongkong Internet broker who told reporters that although the circulars issued by mainland investors online means that Hong Kong stocks opened accounts have been released, but exactly how remains to be regulators issued further guidance or implementation details, certification authorities overseas has obtained the Hongkong SAR government "certificate of mutual recognition of qualifications" in the end what mechanism has yet to be further clear. It is understood that a number of brokerage firms have received a letter from the Hongkong Commission for the first time to start the study, is expected to relax from the policy to the specific implementation, it will take some time. Nevertheless, Hongkong is still open to the brokerage of this policy and dance for joy. "The mainland as early as 2013 on the release of online accounts, Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission will move the Hongkong stock market and the mainland standards, it will be closer to mainland investors and Hongkong away from the market, will also facilitate the development of Hongkong brokerage business in the mainland." There are Chinese brokerage firms in Hongkong said. On the one hand to actively promote the interoperability upgrade, on the one hand for the Hongkong brokerage firms to open up the mainland business deregulation, Hongkong can be described as’ full power ‘to meet the mainland capital to sea." Mainland brokerage pointed out. It is worth noting that, although the deregulation of the online accounts, but for other new financial technology certification, such as face recognition, connecting the overseas national identity database, Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission still did not relent. Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission said that overseas regulators to allow remote or cross-border accounts generally adopted a prudent attitude. Although the use of biometric (fingerprint, face and voice recognition) for client authentication is the trend, but the technology is usually used for the customer to make the transaction authorization, and not confused the first time with clients to establish business relations in the process of verifying the identity of customers. In addition, earlier there was a broker to hire ordinary people to account for customers to witness procedures, Hongkong;相关的主题文章: