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Hongkong Zoomlion office members sworn storm cloth Cafferty members list – Sohu [news observer network] the National People’s Congress on the "basic law" article 104th interpretation, in addition to the "New Youth" and the tour Huizhen Songheng beam, there are more than the oath to "feed" the members. According to Hongkong media reports, the legal department liaison office minister Wang Zhenmin yesterday (9 days) in Shenzhen to attend the seminar for the first time to respond, pointed out that there are 15 members took the oath to become Acting national humiliation, he thinks it is not loyal to, do not support the performance. National Macao Research Association Chen Zuoer cited umbrellas, flags, take twelve minutes to read the oath in eight specific examples, that they do not conform to the provisions on the oath. Images from Hongkong media is the responsibility of the central government and the SAR processing of Hong Kong Independence Hongkong Sing Tao Daily, Ta Kung Pao, Ming Pao reported that the national Macao Research Symposium held in Shenzhen yesterday to discuss the interpretation problem, President Chen and vice president Liu Zhaojia Wang Zhenmin, the Minister of the legal department of the liaison office in Hong Kong Macao Research Association, and the Basic Law Committee let members more than 20 experts and scholars attended Ge equality. Wang Zhenmin was the first to speak for more than and 20 minutes, he said involved members of the storm oath for People’s Republic of China "article", "or change the pronunciation, or change the contents of the oath, the oath in People’s Republic of China or words in other words". He points out that even if some behavior does not involve oath of Hong Kong Independence, "but the oath very solemn, solemn, into a show, everyone put their talents to get in a variety of performances to humiliate the national humiliation, the ceremony, to turn it into a joke, which in itself we think it is not a loyal, do not support the performance." Wang Zhenmin said, to swear allegiance to the country, not a place to take an oath of the level of national constitution, and pointed out that this year the Council Oath, even if some people do not involve Hong Kong Independence, but the solemn oath of national humiliation, into a show, this is definitely not loyal, do not support the "performance. The Liaison Office of law minister Wang Zhenmin 9 in the national Macao research meeting in Hong Kong Independence "Ta Kung Pao figure overbearing Wang Zhenmin said, many experts believe that the only interpretation is far from enough, just to solve the problem of the oath of interpretation of the law, the state from more aspects to take measures to combat the" Hong Kong Independence is needed". He said that the central government to do things, the Special Administrative Region of the executive, legislative and judicial organs should also do their own things in accordance with the law, to jointly deal with the issue of Hong Kong independence. Wang Zhenmin also stressed that the chief executive is the first responsible person, has the right and responsibility to perform the interpretation of the basic law and the National People’s Congress; the legislature of the HKSAR, also have the responsibility to deal with the Legislative Council in accordance with the basic law, including extensive Hong Kong Independence "oath. Wang Zhenmin also indicated that the interpretation of law is an important part of Hongkong’s constitutional legal interpretation, not against the court’s case, nor for Hongkong new legislation, clear interpretation, is aimed at the Legislative Council "Hong Kong Independence" issue, and will not affect Hongkong’s judicial independence. Chen Zuoer: inconsistent provisions on the oath of Chen Zuoer field with There are plenty of people who.相关的主题文章: