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Honglvcai is a rare variety of porcelain firing in the Jin Dynasty (original title: the red and green color bowl pinshang) this is a small bowl of the red and green color (see photo), 3 cm high, 8 cm diameter, 3.3 cm diameter foot; open mouth, round belly, ring foot. Glaze, bowl wall painting flowers and leaves pattern, close mouth along the red color painting double string pattern. The outer wall of the lower right visible drawing lines, show soil erosion glaze. Small bowl type structured, colorful flowers, leaves people smart, rich old rhyme, full of gas, is a door of the Jin Dynasty honglvcai masterpiece. This small bowl of red and green color contains abundant historical information. Honglvcai is a white background, with red and green color sketch decoration two times into the kiln porcelain, is China’s earliest glazed porcelain. The Jin Dynasty in the Yellow River basin of Cizhou kiln, Yaozhou kiln kiln, which were fired. In 1127, Jurchen established the Jin Dynasty, the Central Plains, take the national social policy flexible active opening, integration of national culture and customs, and promote the development of science and technology and innovation of the traditional culture of ceramic technology. Honglvcai came into being, precious porcelain were firing. This is a small bowl of red and green color only the witness of this period of history. A small bowl of red and green color, distinctive, unique, permeated with a strong folk nostalgia. It has the following characteristics: one is commendable colorful, dasudaya. The bold use of red and green painted into the porcelain craftsmen, respected and two Song Emperor clean and elegant color glaze totally different. This bowl with red color to outline the flowers, green color embellishment, hook red green, red green red Lvhou main auxiliary, strong contrast, thin, minyun strong, is consistent with the public aesthetic taste find everything fresh and new. Have a profound influence on the later development of porcelain and gaudy national traditional culture. Two is the style of simple and quick, simple and concise. This bowl of red flowers and green leaves reflects the Jin Dynasty style innovation pattern. Quick strokes, dynamic lines, smooth color. The craftsman freely, unrestrained, have abstract freehand, write and draw freely as one wishes, also has extensive realistic, not much but the pen in high spirit, inner feelings, aesthetic experience, life is what one sees and hears painted into porcelain. Painting is full of life and passion. Fresh and clear style, reflect the Oscar bold character, has been popular in the Jin dynasty. Honglvcai became a servant of the United States and from the people. Three is the combination of upper and lower, process innovation. This small bowl of red and green color shows the honglvcai new decoration technology. The craftsmen invented and manufactured ceramic painting process, glaze color and glaze together a new method for decoration. And making honglvcai by two times into the kiln, the first high temperature porcelain and glaze of the contour line, second low temperature burning colour. In the Tang and Song Dynasties three two low temperature kiln method. The red and green color glaze ceramic Chinese is the earliest color of porcelain. Appear red and green color not only enriches the varieties of ceramics, also greatly expand the aesthetic field of Chinese ceramics, ceramic art in the history of the development of China leave a strong. The bowl is small, but the implication is extraordinary. Beijing (Chen Yanqing)相关的主题文章: