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Hot feet does not have what effect, some people might go wrong – global health Sohu with cooler weather gradually, many people began to bedtime habits with hot bubble feet. You may believe that hot foot bath can contribute to health, health, is this really the case? Not necessarily! Although the hot feet really uncomfortable, but that can improve the health status, it is pompous. On the contrary, in some cases, their feet with hot water is dangerous, we will be with you to talk about. Why hot feet so comfortable? Hot foot bath does have some benefits, is to be able to make us feel comfortable and relax, the reason is this: feet did not improve the blood supply of the body, so don’t be too superstitious "blood stasis" effect. What are the people with hot feet would be more dangerous? For the following categories of patients, in fact, hot feet there is a certain risk. 1 diabetic patients with peripheral nerve function damage, or diabetic foot. Diabetic patients with foot subcutaneous vascular contraction and diastolic dysfunction, blood circulation is poor. At the same time, it is also very prone to peripheral sensory nerve damage, not sensitive to temperature and pain, it is very easy to cause burns and not aware of their own. Even a very small blisters, as long as the rupture caused by infection, it is difficult to control, treatment is not timely, possible infection range is more and more big, causing ulceration or even amputation. 2 lower extremity varicose veins or venous thrombosis. Venous blood return to the heart, need to rely on a special structure in the vein, called the valve. It is similar to a one-way valve, to ensure that the blood flow in one direction without reflux. If the function of the lower limb venous valve, the blood stasis in the lower extremity venous vessels, resulting in varicose veins. Venous thrombosis, the truth is similar. Their feet with hot water not only can not improve the valve dysfunction problems, but also due to the expansion of the artery, causing more blood stasis in the lower extremity, the symptoms worsen. 3 lower extremity arterial occlusion. Don’t be the concept of "blood stasis" over. Patients with lower extremity arterial occlusion, hot water not only can not promote blood circulation, but will be worse". Because of the vascular lesions have lost the ability to normal expansion, soaking with hot water, will only make the normal expansion of blood vessels, more blood flow away from normal blood vessels and vascular lesions through the blood less, will further aggravate the condition. This is called the "blood" phenomenon. At the same time, the increase of the temperature of the surrounding tissue will increase the oxygen consumption of tissue, further aggravate the ischemia. 4 weak constitution of the elderly, who have serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Such patients if long time soaking, or the water temperature is too high, easy to cause irritation to the cardiovascular system, the heart burden, or cause cerebral insufficiency, prone to syncope. 5 with tinea pedis, herpes and other foot skin disease patients. Such patients with their feet with hot water, easy to cause secondary bacterial infection. If there is a broken wound, it should be kept dry, strict disinfection. 6 children. Children in growth and development相关的主题文章: