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UnCategorized Thanks to the rapid increase in online searches in the recent years, SEO services and higher ROI (Return on Investment) have be.e almost synonymous these days. Today, as the world has grown increasingly web-centric and Internet savvy, search marketing is taking precedence over traditional marketing channels especially Yellow Pages. Internet search is now a key part of everyday life around the world with nearly 87% of the Internet searchers use search engines to find specific information, products or services. In United Kingdom, for instance, a mind-boggling 1.3 billion searches are registered per month, which equals to about 29,000 searches per minute. Hence, .panies are willing to leverage this growing trend to improve their return on investment. Not surprisingly, a large number of businesses are turning to SEO services for better return on investment. How SEO Services Can Help Your ROI SEO Services vs. Yellow Pages: It is no exaggeration to say that yellow pages are simply extinct these days. They no longer work as well as they once were. People no longer turn to yellow pages to find your business. Instead, they use search engines to find your products and services. This is because finding information on a specific service provider in the yellow pages has be.e a painful experience for many. On the other hand, search engines have proved to be the most effective tool for dishing out accurate and relevant information in a fraction of a second. Hence, people have switched to search engines. For businessmen, being visible in the yellow pages is an expensive deal as they have to advertise in multiple yellow pages and pay hefty amount to be published on individual pages. It adds to their cost and does not yield much result to many, more often than not. SEO Services are much less expensive an option and bring definitive result which can improve ROI as well. SEO Services vs. Email Marketing: The burgeoning spam emails have dented the credibility of email marketing it once used to enjoy. Many studies on the impact of email marketing indicate a less-than-effective influence on the prospects as only 3 out of 10 recipients tend to click on the emails. The open rates of email marketing have gone down drastically. Search marketing, on the other hand, helps your business visible in the SERPs of major search engines that attract many potential clicks leading higher conversion rates. There SEO services offer better return on investment for your business. SEO Services vs. Paid Marketing: According to another statistics recently published, the traffic from organic SEO results is 30% more likely to convert to sales than the results for pay-per-click marketing. However, organic search results always win the race against paid marketing campaigns such as pay-per-click and banner marketing. The popularity of organic search engines results can be attributed to their being relevant and accurate. Again, unlike paid marketing, organic SEO services allow you to get traffic free of cost to your website. Hence, spending on paid marketing campaign is not worth it unless if your ad budget is really huge. But, under the current economic scenario, few .panies are willing to pay hefty payment. Hence, SEO services can offer better ROI than paid marketing channels. These days, the Inter. has outperformed the traditional marketing channels altogether on the basis of popularity. With the increasing number of people using search engines to find specific information, marketers choosing SEO services have greater chances of reaching out to their prospective clients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: