How To Get Back To Piano Lessons After Quitting (part 1 Of 2)-norton disk doctor

Music Some adults hope they could just turn back time, wishing they had not quit playing the piano during their younger years. For others, it may have just taken a back seat while attending to other priorities like pursuing studies, working on a professional career, or raising a family. Whatever your reason is for quitting piano lessons or if you were just taking a hiatus from piano playing, you can definitely still make a .eback. Piano playing is not like a light bulb that you can switch on and switch off. Months or years of not playing and practicing at all could take a toll on your dexterity, ability, energy, strength, and motivation. Yet if you are determined enough, nothing and no one can stop you. Here are some tips on how to psych yourself up and get back into piano-playing shape. 1.Look back at your past experience. What made you quit in the first place? Were you too young or felt pressured by your parents? Did you have terror piano teachers that made you lose interest? Were you too busy on other pursuits or priorities? Were you simply procrastinating or just felt lazy to practice? 2.Think about your current intentions on wanting to play the piano again. What inspired and re-ignited your interest? How does the thought of playing the piano again make you feel? Do you have the time, energy, and the focus to pick-up from where you left off? 3.Re-set your Goals. Once youve fully .mitted to start again, set goals that would give you direction and motivation. Do you want to be able to play your favorite music pieces just for your own personal enjoyment? Or do you want to take your skills up a notch by playing in family gatherings or .munity shows? Perhaps you may want to go the distance by fulfilling your lifelong dream of holding concertos in music halls. Your goals would determine how far you would go. Setting your eye on the prize would sustain your motivation that would keep you going. 4.Just Do It! Nip procrastination in the bud. Do something that would stimulate your nterest to play again. Try to go over your old books, notes, and pieces. Familiarize yourself again music theories you may have learned from the past. Try to recall and execute piano playing techniques you previously learned. Once you feel prepared and determined, you will have the confidence to sit down and start tinkering on the ivory keys. As you clear away the dust and the cobwebs from the ivory keys, you must give this renewed interest and undertaking some thought. You just dont go ahead and tinker or pound on the keys straight away. Piano lessons are not only for beginners. It could help experienced pianists get a good understanding and perspective about goal setting. Piano teachers can help you strategize a game plan. Playing the piano is a discipline, not just a technique. You have to be mentally and emotionally prepared as well for the challenges ahead. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: