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Relationships How you .e out of a breakup is entirely up to you…if you handle it the right way you’ll be able to find another chance with the one you love and .e out of it stronger than ever, but if you take a bad turn down the wrong road you’ll have a hard time just getting up in the morning. The difference is in how you deal with everything around you going to pieces, and here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re all together. 1) Stay active. I know the depression hurts, and it’s ok to feel it. It’s .pletely natural to be in pain right now, but if you want to .e out on top of all this you’ll have to be able to bounce back (or at least appear to have bounced back). One of the best ways to keep your mind sound and the pain diminished is to pursue an active lifestyle, both physically and socially. 2) Take some pride in yourself. It’s easy to let go when you’re feeling shoddy and downtrodden, but looking like it will only have negative consequences. Looking good can help you feel good, so stay in shape and keep yourself dressed well. No sweatpants! Keeping up your physical appearance not only boosts your confidence (who doesn’t feel good knowing they look good?) but can also catch your ex’s attention if you happen to cross paths. 3) Seek support from people who care about you. Everybody has someone, be it friends or family…these people can really help you feel better about yourself and like you can do what you need to in order to get back on track. Don’t use your friends as emotional pressure-release valves, but talk to them and spend time with them. It’s good to feel cared about so soon after somebody made you feel .pletely un-cared for. All three of these are excellent tips, but they’re more than just suggestions…they’re also warnings. Not addressing these ideas can have seriously heavy costs. Without any support, it’s easy to bottom out…and that’s just what may happen if you don’t take care of yourself. If you’re feeling good and have yourself pulled together, you’ll be better-equipped to do all the right things to win your ex back…and if not, you may have a pretty rough road ahead of you. Are you making these mistakes with your ex? Watch these How to Get Your Ex Back videos that not only show you how to avoid these .mon mistakes but how to fix them fast if you have already made these blunders. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: