Humanities value into art auction

The humanistic value into the art auction in 1854 when Darwin Darwin vane letter letter Engels morning news reporter Xu Ying Chinese Guardian 2016 autumn auction in Shanghai exhibition yesterday and today in Shangri-La Shanghai held a number of hotels in Jingan, carrying the rich cultural value of the items of concern, reflect Darwin’s "origin of species" the basic ideas of precious letters, Engels letter and Guo Moruo to "Wenqiutang letters", Xu old hidden Xiong letters debut. So pleased to see that the art market in brushed foam, no longer blindly chasing the price of digital games, "humanistic value" has gradually become the vane of art auction. Darwin explains the origin of species from the middle of the nineteenth Century, Darwin published "origin of species", the appearance of 2016 Guardian autumn auction of Darwin on the origin of species "to explain the basic concepts of handwritten letters, 1 page 1. This letter was originally used for collectors Te Riggs old Tibet, in 1945 or so into the hands of Ford jazz, can be described as the two generation of famous handed over tibet. More commendable is that this letter is included in the British University of Cambridge press "Darwin complete letters" No. 13873rd, the specific time that this letter, the main content of the record from location and message, and mark the letter until the last one is published for the Ford jazz collectors. This letter was written in London in Kent in Southeast Tang Village, from the beginning of 1842, Darwin lived for forty years, until his death in 1882, is now the residence of Darwin (DownHouse). In the letter, Darwin did not clearly indicate the dates of the letter, according to the content that should be from 1856 to 1861, and 1855 -1858 Darwin’s "origin of species" the creation period, 1858, the son of Darwin died, his grief. In 1859, "the origin of species" came out, the next year, the British Association for the advancement of science at the University of Oxford on the evolution of the great debate. Engels’s letter to pass the warm autumn auction of Engels’s debut in the letter is a letter of invitation for christmas. The Paris movement after the failure of the international communist movement in the valley as the core leaders of the Communist International and the theory of the first founders, Marx and Engels were living in london. Second years, Christmas Eve, Engels in a letter, inviting some friends to the party. Engels sent a letter to the Paris commune member Muletthew in French, "we hope to gather as many friends." This short and simple, but at the time of the grand historical background, but contains profound meaning. Christmas in 1872, the Engels family, everyone gathered in grief, for the lost comrades to pay tribute and miss. Guo Moruo Xiong Shili unveiled the autumn auction and letters appeared "letters" by Guo Moruo Wenqiutang. From 1928 to 1937, Guo Moruo exile in Japan, his academic interest gradually shifted from literature paleography, history and so on, has made brilliant achievements. This auction "by Guo Moruo Wenqiutang letters", he collected from June 1931 to.相关的主题文章: