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I only wear | autumn coat suits this paragraph, Fan Ye, nuozha, Zhang Tianai, half a female entertainment stars are wearing it! _ fashion _ Tencent.com although the weather is very hot, you are also small hit with a vest shorts a floral skirt, but the month has arrived in September, early in the fall, blowing a gust of wind, rain, temperature will drop down, all in summer, autumn all out. However, in the last year was a bit embarrassing fall, ah. Take advantage of it is not cold, do some fashion Raiders, Tuen a few pieces of the hottest autumn coat. Make a stylish and warm fashion icon. Miss Young the old driver to take share several hottest autumn coat, view!! A few years ago denim jacket popular Korean loose denim jacket, this is not the same, a short and slim denim jacket is more popular. From the flowers to the supermodel, from the airport to the fashion week, denim jacket appearance rate has been very high. Some time ago the hit "Doctors", Park Shin Hye was dressed in a denim jacket. Now the stars are handed a denim jacket, Zhuangshan are commonplace. A few days ago Yang Mi Airport Photos, wearing a denim jacket from Balenciaga, hourglass profile, V gets off the shoulder, bold design is very popular. Yang Mi: the most suitable for the missing Style so sweater bottoms, before the large power power, Quan Zhilong put on a denim jacket. Lim Yoona also wore the same brand of denim jacket. Here’s a cowboy coat even more powerful, half of the entertainment stars have gone through. Bu Kewen designed the brand’s Denim embroidered jacket in the self timer of the Fan Bingbing. Tang Yan’s propaganda video. Nuozha beauty shoot video. Zhang Tianai’s fashion blockbusters. "I’m a singer," the broker is wearing this. You see, even Zhuangshan with people all over the world, the female star to wear denim jacket, denim jacket to this fire. Embroidered Baseball clothes Embroidered Baseball clothes have more than one version of the open, one is a word shoulder style, Victoria Song, a SA, he Sui have been through. The other is a normal baseball suit with embroidery. Wear the stars more, Ying Er, Yang Mi, and so on. Some styles can be worn inside. Net red has been completely get this point, his shop is definitely a side light colored, a dark colored baseball suit. A long knit coat in the summer time, the large power power airport street wear is long sweater. According to the daily, or long sweater exit. Well, this is really a long sweater with the fire. Liu Wen was wearing hoodies ~ super ultra loose hoodies, a sweater with you two. Regardless of height and weight, body shape, or gender, this is a completely non pick coat. Quan Zhilong can wear. Wang Ziwen "crossover singer" game, also wear it, the length can be a skirt. Miss Young feel that the above coat, we can come to the same thing, to fill their wardrobe, from the beginning of this fall, do a delicate fashion of female paper.相关的主题文章: