Import milk frequent problem into China growth unabated 3edyy

Import milk frequent problem into China growth increasing import milk frequent problem into China because China continues unabated growth was found to exceed the standard of Staphylococcus aureus, CNCA recently announced that it will strengthen supervision of Australian dairy enterprises. In recent years, as the natural and safe import milk popular with domestic consumers sought after, the rapid rise in imports, but first financial reporter learned that, with the influx of imported milk, also frequently appear unqualified problem, since this year there have been dozens of batches of problem products were destroyed. CNCA according to the latest information shows that, in a recent sampling, quality inspection administration and the port inspection and quarantine agencies found substandard on batches of imported pasteurized milk products in Australia, the Australia Camperdown Dairy company Pty Ltd enterprises in China many times of detection of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and other bacteria exceed the standard. CNCA also take drastic measures, on the one hand interviews the Australian Embassy, and suspend the registration of the enterprises in China, while the other relates to the entry of substandard information import pasteurized milk enterprises for investigation and submit questions to the rectification report, and asked Leah Australia authorities and all 41 registered PAP pasteurized milk enterprises deadline for submission of related technical documents. It will comprehensively strengthen the follow-up supervision of Australian dairy production enterprises. This is not the first time in Australia to lose the first pasteurized milk. According to the National Quality Inspection Bureau released information shows that in the first half of this year there are 12 batches from Australia pasteurized milk quality problems, including coliform bacteria exceed the standard, non fat milk solid content does not meet the national standards, the total number of colonies exceed the standard and the quality problem. While imports of milk as a whole is a frequent problem in the discovery of the information released by the National Quality Inspection Bureau, as of now, this year, imports of 45 batches of milk has been destroyed, including Germany, France, from Denmark, New Zealand, Australia and other countries, it is also no shortage of love’s dawn, Gifford, Holland dairy etc. brand products. The reasons for the bacteria exceeded, excessive acidity, moldy, food additives are not qualified, packaging, etc.. Senior dairy analyst Song Liang told reporters that the emergence of coliform bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus and other issues, manufacturers should bear the main responsibility. The reason why the problem of imported milk frequently, on the one hand and some enterprises in Australia, Europe, the quality of production is strictly controlled, leading to errors in the production process. On the other hand, the Chinese market has become the focus of competition for milk prices in the country, the country is eager to export exports to China, but the quality of the goods to the lax control. In addition, in addition to part of the pasteurized milk and high-end imported milk products used in cold chain transport or air transport, the majority of imported milk or sea transport routes. Shipping shipping network analyst Wang Hai told reporters, at present, from Europe to the transport of the container transportation Chinese period in 38 days or so, the route for the most the Atlantic (Mediterranean) – Red Sea – Suez – India – Asia Ocean canal. In the long transit encounter.相关的主题文章: