In 80s the central leadership was what to do is not the central turn head

In 80s the central leadership was: what to do is not the central turn head core tip: in 80s he once with the old Du Zhongnanhai report food problem, with some young people to prove, using digital model, as long as the central protection of the price of 128 billion pounds of food, the rest of the food can be fully liberalized market, cancel the food stamps. Business. A central leader said, you young people are so conservative, the central left 100 billion pounds enough, the rest of the full release. Voice just fell, a young man said: "what do you think? We put the data is through a lot of research and repeated calculations, not racking his head!" The leadership immediately came and patted his shoulder, a benign countenance said: "you speak slowly, I carefully listen, okay."   father of rural reform China Du Runsheng data graph in this paper. Author: Wu, Yunpu, original title: China first generation economist: first discovered the planned economy system, from Beijing Xicheng District Yuetan North Street No. 2 yard, three red brick building, building 2, which is China Social Science Institute of economic Research Office several. A collection of Ma Hong, Jiang Yiwei, Sun Shangqing, and so on, and so on, the domestic first-class economist of the "work of the", here in the glory of the. A pen is worth mentioning, Premier Zhu Rongji went on after the post, in 1978 transferred by industry. The work is "industrial economic research referred to as" the first director Ma Hong, 1950 at the age of 30 when he served as Deputy Secretary of the Central Bureau of Northeast China, in 1961 he participated in the drafting of the "Regulations on the work of the state-owned industrial enterprises (Draft)", is my wife said "industrial seventy". Deng Xiaoping told Bo Yibo memories, Mao Zedong until the end of his life, the pillow are also placed a copy of some damaged "industrial seventy". Ma Hong called the bezoar, the name Ma Hong was 18 years old to Yanan, Chen Yun let him change. In the industry, Sun Shangqing is Ma Hong’s partner for many years, their combination is called "Niuhuangshangqing pills", the name of popular joke. For a period of time, in addition to Ma Hong served as director of the Institute of labor, but also the president of the Academy of Social Sciences and Deputy Secretary General of the State Council, across the two circles of political science, to mobilize a lot of resources. In the camp, young people called him "good man", because Ma Hong temperament tolerance. Later served as Minister of Social Development Research Department of the State Council Development Research Center Ding Ning Ning, once in a seminar in pointing up, Ma Hong said: "those of you who do not read, do not read newspapers……" Ma Hong lightly say: "talk to have a basis." Calmly, continue to preside over the meeting. McMahon is the biggest advantage of eye identification. When Ma Hong for Guangyuan speaking, publications as the reform of the position, to Yu Guangyuan said: "there is a talent, do you dare to use." This is indeed the jiangyiwei, experts, 1949 in the triple Bookstore editor of the "science and technology communication", science and Technology Press chief editor in 1959 as the newly established in 1959, was classified as "escape right". Ma Hong jiangyiwei transferred by working as deputy director for "economic management" magazine. Jiangyiwei took two months for its success, this special discussion of economic management of the month)相关的主题文章: