In August, small non-agricultural is not so good! Will the non farm report

In August, "small non-agricultural" is not so good! Will the non farm report care? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same product for a long time, how to buy the fund was pit? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! FX168 financial newspaper (Hongkong) news Data Processing Inc ADP on Wednesday (August 31st) released data show that known as small non-agricultural ADP employment report shows that the United States in August ADP employment continued to grow, and slightly better than market expectations. Data show that the United States in August ADP employment increased by 177 thousand people, in line with the expected increase of 175 thousand people, the former value is revised to increase 194 thousand people, the initial value increased by 179 thousand people. (US ADP employment change chart source: Zerohedge, ADP, Moodie, FX168 financial network) after the ADP data released, the dollar index was the highest level since August 10th 96.26; short-term gold price diving of nearly $10, set over two month low of $1304.52 an ounce, under the party concerned the $1300 mark integer support. (the dollar index 4 hour chart source: FX168 financial network (4 hours) spot gold chart source: FX168 financial network) data released after the Moody ‘s Analytics Inc. chief economist Mark Zandi said, the job market is still strong, most industry jobs have recorded an increase in America soon reached the state full employment. According to the ADP report, in August, the number of employees between 1-49 enterprises increased 63 thousand employees; the number of employees in 50-499 medium-sized enterprises increased by 44 thousand; the number of employees in 500 and more large enterprises increased 70 thousand employees. According to the industry classification, in August, the service sector employment increased by 183 thousand people, the commodity manufacturing industry cut 6 thousand jobs. In more detail, the number of new employment in manufacturing enterprises is 0, and the number of new employment in construction industry is reduced by 2 thousand. There are 53 thousand new jobs in professional and commercial services, and 26 thousand new jobs in transportation and public sector. (source: ADP, Zerohedge, FX168 financial network) in addition, ADP employment data company vice president commented after the data, said August employment growth is stable, and the level of the last month is quite. Strong employment growth in services has been offset by weaker manufacturing growth. In general, as a non agriculture forward-looking indicator, ADP data and non-agricultural employment have a strong positive correlation, as the leading indicators of non-agricultural employment change in the month. However, the last two months have changed. According to the zero hedge blog, the changes in the nonfarm payrolls in the past two months (July and June) are significantly higher than those of the ADP population. (picture source: FX168 financial network, Zerohedge, theory)

8月“小非农”其实没有那么好!非农报告会care吗? 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   FX168财经报社(香港)讯 数据处理公司ADP周三(8月31日)公布的数据显示,素有小非农之称的ADP就业报告显示,美国8月ADP就业人数持续增长,且略微优于市场预期。   数据显示,美国8月ADP就业人数增加17.7万人,符合预期的增加17.5万人,前值修正为增加19.4万人,初值增加17.9万人。   (美国ADP就业变动走势图 来源:Zerohedge、ADP、穆迪、FX168财经网)   在ADP数据出炉之后,美元指数一度创下8月10日以来新高96.26;金价短线跳水近10美元,刷新逾两个月低点至1304.52美元 盎司,下方关注1300美元整数关口的支撑。   (美元指数4小时走势图 来源:FX168财经网)   (现货黄金4小时走势图 来源:FX168财经网)   数据公布之后,Moody’s Analytics Inc.首席经济学家Mark Zandi称,就业市场仍然强劲,大多数行业的就业人数都录得增加,美国很快就可以达到充分就业状态。   根据ADP报告,8月份,雇员人数在1-49人之间的企业新增雇员6.3万人;雇员人数在50-499人之间的中型企业新增雇员4.4万人;雇员人数在500人及以上的大型企业新增雇员7.0万人。   按照行业分类的话,8月服务业部门就业人数增加18.3万人,商品制造行业裁剪了0.6万个就业岗位。   更详细来看,制造型企业新增就业人数为0,建筑业新增就业人数减少0.2万。专业和商业服务行业新增就业5.3万人,交通和公共事业部门新增就业2.6万人。   (图片来源:ADP、Zerohedge、FX168财经网)   此外,ADP就业数据公司副总裁在数据之后发表评论称8月就业增速稳定,和上月水平相当。服务业就业增速强劲被制造业增速疲软所抵消。   通常情况下,作为非农的前瞻指标,ADP数据和非农就业有较强正相关性,作为当月非农就业人数变化的先导指标。不过最近两个月的情况却有所变化…   据金融博客zero hedge日内撰文称,过去两个月(7月和6月),非农就业人口的变动明显高于ADP就业人口。   (图片来源:FX168财经网、 Zerohedge、穆迪、ADP)   文章还指出,值得注意的是,过去五个月ADP就业人口均值为17.5万,为2013年7月以来最低水平。   在连续两个月都没有呈现相关性之后,8月非农就业数据究竟又会如何表现,北京时间周五就将见分晓!   美国劳工部定于北京时间9月2日20时30分公布8月就业报告,市场预期8月非农就业人口增加18.0万个,7月增加25.5万个。   校对:JOE 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: