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In October, flying + cross check incoming! 2 armed raids were taking – Sohu health pharmaceutical industry people are subscribing to our, what are you hesitating? The office of drug administration in August 19th issued a "Notice of the general office of the food and Drug Administration on Further Strengthening the circulation of illegal medical equipment behavior rectification work" (the food and Drug Administration Office supervision 2016 No. 128). The notice that the General Administration will be organized in September provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) cross examination, organized in October to carry out medical equipment business flight inspection. On the inter provincial cross examination, had also disclosed that administration issued the "notice" on the illegal business circulation regulation of medical devices to cross check in September 8th, clearly since September 18th to 23 (visual inspection inspection group prolonged 1-2 days), in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) launched. The flight inspection, although October has not arrived yet, but it may also have been launched in advance, and cross check incoming! Deployed 6 people from other provinces, administration of flying group random 2 Zhengzhou armed raid of September 21st, the Zhengzhou Municipal Food and Drug Administration issued the "administration" flying "working group to carry out special inspections of the city health equipment enterprises". Said in September 20th, the drug administration from other provinces transferred six "flying" working group, take random, went straight to the scene, raids, flight inspection in Zhongyuan District of Zhengzhou City, Henan sun Jake Medical Instrument Sales Co. Ltd. and Zhengzhou three medical devices co.. The "flying" working group of the two companies to obtain relevant certificates, qualification of archives management of supplier quality management personnel, personnel training, and the situation of the warehouse management to inspect. Focus on checking whether the operating conditions of the operating households are consistent with the approval of the permit; the cold chain management of refrigerated or frozen medical devices should be in accordance with the regulations; whether the quality control of the operation meets the requirements of the new code. At the same time, check whether the product is purchased from the formal channels, whether the serious implementation of the purchase inspection and sales management system, whether there is no sales certificate, more than the validity of the product phenomenon. The "flying" the working group affirmed the Central Plains District food and Drug Administration daily supervision work, and that the two enterprises Invoicing management records orderly, worthy of reference, the inspection found quality management personnel are not familiar with the issues related to medical laws and regulations, the warehouse partition is not clear, requires companies immediate rectification, Zhongyuan District food and drug administration to timely supervise and grasp the enterprise rectification. Random flying + cross examination, or efforts to upgrade! Can be seen from the above, the flight inspection, in addition to the typical "do not say hello, went straight to the scene" flying way, flying objects are randomly selected and come, so in fact is more random checks seized. The inspection team personnel, is the administration of deployed personnel from other provinces, and the administration organization management practices as cross check devices, remote provinces. Judging from the number of inspection teams, is 6. And in September 8th issued the "cross examination program" has been clear, 15 cross examination group of each group of 4 people相关的主题文章: