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In Tangshan, the experience of "underground quest journey! Sohu travel in Tangshan, a lot of people because of the "Tangshan earthquake". Many people do not know that it is the birthplace of Chinese Pingju opera, it is the cradle of modern industry Chinese……. Speaking of Tangshan modern industry, the moment reminds me of a place called Kailuan national mine park. Front Gate Kailuan National Mine Park is in the south gate, South Gate has a marble monument park, the monument engraved with the 130 years of the development process of Kailuan reflect "Fu" and "garden sketch of Kailuan", "Fu" in Kailuan carved stone back is the reaction of life absenteeism. Enter the scenic area, is a fifteen meters high, weighing Erbaibashiyu attracted tons of black marble monument "century dream", after carefully understanding that it is the designer, former vice president of China Central Academy of fine arts professor Hou Yimin in the three or four set of RMB designers. The park was filled with nostalgia, fashion, quest, leisure atmosphere, still retains the old plant in early twentieth Century and the old equipment, fully showing industrial elements, has a similar "798" Beijing, Shanghai "Tianzifang" style. The two part of Kailuan mine state park attractions on the ground and underground, it is mainly to the museum, mainly introduces the history and cultural relics collection in underground coal mine, the exploration experience. The Museum of the ground four, underground layer, the meaning of numbers "1878 – 2008" at the top of the Kaiping Mining Bureau in 1878, Kailuan museum was completed in 2008. Take the new classical architectural style, unfortunately coincided with the maintenance, the real face silently miss. Entering the museum, the first sight is the black river "theme exhibition, exposition of the generation and the origin of coal, as well as the long history of ancient mining, recorded the first Chinese source of Kailuan mine historical heritage, to reproduce the result of coal and Xing Tangshan to wipe the city cultural memory. The museum is China mining relics rich land, it has China the earliest stock "Kaiping Mining Bureau old stock", "hundred years of sheepskin masked big books, Chinese first standard gauge railway, Kaiping mining accounted for cheat case" evidence "of British higher court record zhenguanzhibao" etc.. If there is little drops of recounting the profound culture of Kailuan mining. The most noteworthy is the "underground quest", and it is Kailuan Museum, from one layer to the four layer after the museum can be directly from the ride by direct simulation of underground cage. In the simulation of cage moment, feel the next all the mysterious good looking, in the heart to the underground environment in the end? Unconsciously has reached 60 meters underground underground roadway. "The quest" relying on the ancient roadway real built underground landscape set display, experience and leisure functions in one of the three major tourist areas, tourist areas by "Time Gallery" and "digging reproduction" and "underground 4D hall", "geological world" and "underground leisure" and "the shuttle" plate. Want to enter the area must be equipped with a helmet!相关的主题文章: