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In the face of childbirth pain, the mother is not helpless – Sohu maternal and child in the park, downstairs on the lawn, every day to see adults with cute baby playing. Look at other people’s baby, oneself also like a little wood there? But I think here, have given birth to a baby are you birth suffer scared? Although delivery will hurt, but also did not imagine so terrible, as long as the pregnant mother who mastered the skills of delivery points the right, or on the production of great help. Delivery will experience pain? Is paroxysmal pain. Delivery will not experience pain. The degree of pain is closely related to mental stress. Fear, tension and stress can lead to muscle tension and even convulsions. In this way, the nerve endings are stimulated pain increases the chances of efferent pain increased, pain feeling will increase, likely to endure severe pain of uterine contraction. In addition, tension and fear may also lead to uncoordinated contractions of the uterus, resulting in poor delivery, prolonged labor and even stagnation. Ramaze believes in breathing pregnant mother pregnantcheck doctors have mentioned Ramaze breathing, the childbirth breathing method, from early pregnancy until delivery, and through the control of neuromuscular prenatal gymnastics and breathing techniques of the learning process, effectively let mother to concentrate on your breathing will control at the time of delivery, so as to transfer the pain, relax muscles, can be full of confidence to the production of pain in childbirth when calm, in order to speed up the production process and let the baby to be born. The 5 stage of the Step1 chest breathing nose Ramaze breathing deep breath, with the contraction of the uterus begins to inhale and exhale, repeatedly, until the pain stops to return to normal breathing. TIPS chest breathing is an effortless and comfortable way to reduce pain and is used at the time of delivery. At this time the mouth opened around 3cm, uterine contraction every 5 minutes to a contraction of about one minute, for about 30 seconds to about 60 seconds. Mothers can accurately give family or doctor about contraction of the situation through the ways of breathing. The Step2 light shallow breathing first, eyes staring at a certain place, let your body relax completely. A small air suction mouth, keep it light and shallow breathing, let the inhalation and spit out the air completely equal, mouth breathing, keep breathing high in the throat, as a "hee hee" sound. When the uterine contraction is strong, you need to speed up breathing, or slow down. Practice by 20 seconds of continuous lengthening, until a breathing exercise can reach up to 60 seconds. The application of TIPS in the fetal side by side to rotate, slowly down when the birth canal. At this time the mouth opening to 3cm ~ 7cm, the contraction of the uterus becomes more frequent, every 2 minutes to a contraction of about 4 minutes, each lasting about 45 seconds to 60 seconds. With the beginning of the contraction of the uterus, the use of chest deep breathing, when the uterine contraction, the use of light and shallow breathing, contraction began to slow down when the recovery of deep breathing. The Step3 mother first breathing breathing air!相关的主题文章: