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Home-Securtiy CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION is the use of video cameras to signals from one device to another. It is basically used for safety measures. It is sometimes used continuously and sometimes used to capture only specific events. The main use of close circuit TV cameras is surveillance of the public. Though India was introduced to CCTV in the recent times, United Kingdom is known to have more cameras per person. CCTV is lot more different than a television the signal of CCTVs are not openly transmitted. The usage of CCTV has seen a rapid growth especially in the metros. Delhi is one major user of CCTV cameras. It has maximum number of shops selling close circuit TV cameras and wireless security products. With maximum number of malls, buildings industries and government places Delhi consumes the maximum percentage of CCTV. This has given a rise to a new business to shop owners. Shops containing such equipments can be found in almost every nook and corner. India has be.e a terror prone country in order to avoid deadly situations safety measures should be taken. Our government has well identified the need of such safety measures. Security systems should not be neglected in this technological arena where a new situation emerges everyday. New Delhi faced a situation when lack of enough CCTV cameras in the High Court made it difficult for Delhi Police to identify the culprits. This incident cropped many questions regarding the safety measures taken by the government whose ignorance killed 11 persons and injured 76 of them. After the mishap took place numerous CCTV were installed by the Public Works Department of the Delhi Government. Everyday a new multiplex or a shopping mall emerges in Delhi increasing the production of CCTV cameras. It adds to the security of the place. There are various types of these equipment which can be installed as per the requirement be it at home, industry or a mall. Everyone wants to avoid any kind of mishap or tragedy especially those involving near and dear ones close circuit TV camera is a good example and it should also be used in homes, especially people belonging to Delhi should follow this security system. Delhi is known for its night life as well as blamed for the same. Maximum number of crime takes place at night and at pubs and disco-theques making it necessary for the owners to make sure that enough CCTV cameras installed in the pubs and parking areas as well. More and more use of close circuit TV cameras will only make Delhi a better place to live in. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: