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International School: William Wang Zhonglei sun brother on many "Dad" although already closed, but William in the first season but let us remember this polite and good boy. Recently, the father Wang Zhonglei in micro-blog drying out a group of photos of life, William, brother recently fell in love with riding!" From the photos, William has alone riding a pony, and even can let go of the reins with open hands. Friends said, so small is a big winner in life!" William’s brother riding a horse riding on the horse to know, William’s basketball ball is also very good to play William! In the "back" of the father William basketball review closely reasoned and well argued. The basketball athlete was small brother William, the hobby is widespread, wide field of vision. Sister Wang Ziwen in the birthday of William wrote: "there is no naive little boy, only to give to all the warmth. Happy birthday the little bro ever, nine year old William, sweetest, to." A photograph of William Curve Wrecker appearance, sit on the table in front of the computer "work", and under the pressure of a computer is full of English textbook exercises; another picture is playful cute, holding the cup smiling at the camera. Such a school bully brother, who do not love it? Conscientiously study William brother sister drying out William as adorable brother William, William tea in school organized camping activities, in order to buddies camping together, William can only give up birthday together with the family the opportunity. However, father Wang Zhonglei secretly gave William a surprise. Wang Zhonglei went to the school to visit his brother William William school camp is the future of rich handsome brother William attended Beijing Dulwich British International School, the school receives full English education, even the entrance exams are English, a year tuition for preschool 66 thousand and 200 yuan -16.8 million; 1-12 grade 168 thousand yuan -21.92 yuan, called the aristocracy school. Before high school, all courses with the British national curriculum synchronization, high school professor IB International Education diploma. Dulwich College has always been the star welcome, many stars children are out of school. Tian Liang’s daughter Sen dish is also in the previous year school, became the younger brother of William. In this paper, the original section of the Sina Education International School column, unauthorized reprint prohibited.   Sina education class’s parents!! The classroom curriculum: August 2nd "parents apply for U.S. schools, children also need to customize the program 4" [] "the August 4th Qilian Mountains dry cargo for their undergraduate study in" Xu Yi [August 9th] "the dry cargo to apply for U.S. schools, how to choose the new SAT ACT test and pro? "Xu Yi [August 10th]" the dry cargo secret is three of the world’s top art institutions value works what the word "Wen Li [August 11th] the dry cargo" parents, how to cultivate students’ self-learning attitude "TOEFL [Qilian Mountains] August 16th article" the Philippines dry cargo相关的主题文章: