Interpretation of watch pioneer open map editor this thing a bit interesting

Interpretation: "watch pioneer" open map editor? This thing is a bit interesting last weekend’s 2016 Blizzard carnival, we learned that "watch vanguard" will open the editor in the future news. Although as early as before the official blue paste in the players have been discussed with blizzard on the issue, which also gives a comparison of the look forward to the ambiguous answer, and now this thing can be determined. For the young game player, "this three word editor may not have much meaning, but for the experience of" DOTA "and" RPG of Warcraft game player ", these three words are usually represented with friends. Bit by bit, with superb skill of geek game player, it is more of a allow yourself to flex its muscles in the stage. In particular, watch pioneer both at the same time, the "PVP" and "PVE potential", if the official in an appropriate time to open the editor, it will make the player’s imagination into reality. Of course, this is different from the past, the vanguard of the editor in the face of the external environment is also very different from that of the year, we seem to be difficult to use a simple "into and defeat" speculation it. Today, we might as well talk about the topic. What is the impact of today’s editor on the original game? The editor, in most cases is also called "the map editor", is published by the official production, allowing the game player in the original game framework using the self-made inherent (or original) material for the creation of new maps, characters, events and other content scripts. On the whole, it is equivalent to giving players the opportunity to re create the original game. Whether it has been derived from the Warcraft 3 DOTA, or today’s CS:GO players homemade map, we can feel the editor in the processing of the game’s charm. But the passage of time, we also found that today’s "homemade content" can’t seem to reach the influence, this is not the "editor" wrong, but the times are changing. DOTA 1 "DOTA", "Warcraft RPG" is very successful, but did not have much choice in 2002, "Warcraft 3: Reign of chaos" on sale, which is derived from the official editor for DOTA and other RPG map by the game player praise; in 2003, the "frozen throne" for sale, function more perfect for producers can further improve the editor the details and script; in 2005, DOTA 6.12 was finished, the representative of the self-made map widely circulated on the Chinese game player groups. Experienced the general game player will have such a memory, half of the people in the Internet bar to play CS (strictly speaking, this game is from the "half life" ontology derived), the other half in those brightly coloured Warcraft custom map in the fight. Hence, we come to a conclusion that the editor is successful. The conclusion is that there is no problem in itself, but it needs to take into account the success of the external environment, that is, the game market is far less developed than today. Compared to the current game market, players in that period – A. No rotten street smart hand.相关的主题文章: