Japanese media China will receive 4 from the Russian Soviet 35 advanced fighter 20- Sohu with imitat webquest

Japanese media: Chinese will receive 4 from the Russian Soviet 35 advanced fighter 20- Sohu with imitation Hangfa Military Channel Map: Russian Su -35S multirole fighter. Reference News Network reported on September 26th: Japanese foreign scholars website released September 17th Franz Stefan entitled "gardy? Chinese in the year 2016 from Russia received 4 Su -35 fighter" reports, compiled as follows: according to local media reports, the Russian speaking Khabarovsk Border Region Chief Executive factory September 15th in a new plane the opening ceremony said that the Chinese air force will receive the first batch of 4 Soviet -35S multirole fighter. The chief executive said, from 2016 to 2018, city of Komsomolsk on Amur aircraft factory to Chinese delivered 24 Su -35S fighter. As early as 2008, China has shown interest in this kind of Russia’s most advanced fighter aircraft, and in 2011 the purchase of the Soviet Union to start negotiations on matters related to -35. The two sides reached a preliminary agreement on November 2015, signed a final purchase contract in 2012. The author has previously explained: "Su -35S (NATO codename" -E flanker ") belong to the high mobility multipurpose semi fourth generation fighter, equipped with 2 AL-117S turbofan engine. This powerful Russian aircraft turbofan engine is also likely to be interested in buying China reason Su -35." AL-117S turbofan engine is one of the reasons for Su -35 interested in Chinese. Russia has repeatedly refused to sell the engine alone, so that the Chinese air force had no choice but to buy Su -35 machine. Chinese military aviation industry is still difficult to design and manufacture for China new fifth generation stealth fighter -20 engine. The author has previously explained: "Chinese engine currently used the most advanced domestic military turbofan engine is WS-10, but it can not meet the performance requirements of the." The air force Chinese new fifth generation fighter, Chengdu fighters -20 and fighters -31 Shenyang, are equipped with the old models of Russian made aircraft engine. The former is equipped with the Saturn AL-31 engine, while the latter uses the Klimov RD-93 engine. China aviation industry has been trying to promote the development of domestic high performance turbofan engine. In August 2016, China announced the establishment of a new state-owned aviation engine manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the development of new aircraft engines. For example, China currently being developed originated from the Russian Klimov RD-33 WS-13 Taishan turbofan engine. In view of the engine may be reverse copying, obtain Su -35S fighter and AL-117S turbofan engine will Chinese aviation industry benefit. In addition to the powerful engine, with aerial refueling capability and is capable of carrying fuel tanks, Su -35S will also enable the China air force has more powerful ability in the air in the Chinese and Chinese East Sea and South Sea and sky near Chinese.相关的主题文章: