Japanese media exposure Komatsu food has boyfriend GD or Nai suspected of cheating zngay

Japanese media exposure Komatsu food suspected boyfriend GD or Nai has been cheating on Komatsu Nana traced and GD love, Japanese media is rumored boyfriend Kanda Masa Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the Japanese actress Komatsu Nana has been blasting the love object is South Korea day mission BIGBANG G-Dragon (Zhi Long), a member of the hot springs of private photos outflow caused by network a heated discussion. And she upgrade from fans sister, GD into a new girlfriend, both single communication is no problem, but 21 Japanese entertainment broke another boyfriend, people should be "King" Kanda Masa. According to "CyzoWoman" reported that Komatsu Nana and the cooperation of the film "drowning knife", privately is also quite good, the relationship was close friends have heard of the two exchanges between the. She did not expect recently because the GD private account was hacked, the man suspected of exposure and communication through a series of intimate photos, photo shooting date, a weekly reporter speculated that she may be cheating." Komatsu Nana’s love life has always been curious about the outside world, "said the photographer to shoot Kanda Masa, want to take a picture with two frame photos, it failed, two people are now popular, if there is certainly big news related photos." Although two people have been rumors of contacts, but with GD and intimate photos out, the relationship between the 3 is more blurred. ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: