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Jia Yueting: I was the world’s most poor CEO put all the energy into the music industry fund Sina Technology News on November 9th morning news today morning, LETV 10:00 held investor conference, inviting investors and managers face other problems of LETV further strategic initiatives and investors concern. Exchange meeting, according to Jia Yueting Fund said LETV every 2-3 years there will be a qualitative change, he felt that this time compared to the transformation and before, will be another new dimension transformation. Jia Yueting talk about oneself, others say the gem boss actually available popular hot drink, but he is actually the poorest of the world’s poorest, not one of the CEO. "I put all my money into the eco system, my family of 8 people, now living in the house is a less than 200 square meters of the house, I want to put all the funds and energy into the music as ecological career." In view of the current problems, Jia Yueting said, as the music now has all the potential profitability, but the financing capacity is still very lacking. In the past ignored the capital, ignoring the financing, as the weakest part of the capital. Investors in the exchange between ZT l V Tech: live below lemeeting is Sina exclusive finishing uncensored live record full text: Moderator: today to see the friends all know, music is still very popular with everyone concerned, today is to catch up with the music as the two important matters, the first is the progress we have last night release of the music as the motion picture and the next step of work notice, because of the time, we can see the changes in the industry this year, so we decided to film music as the gambling period extended for one year, the next time work arrangements do a relatively accurate and clear, I hope the music as the motion picture more smoothly, the congregation raised about matters of a communication. The second is the two day we pay more attention to the listed company, including the music as ecology of this one, a full letter we sent two days ago, in the hope that the whole process of ecological progress in LETV TV is actually in advance, is to enter into the next stage in advance, of course the media have different interpretations, just take this opportunity with the hope that the majority of investors, especially the listed shareholders to an exchange, let us clear accurate evolution of our cognitive state. Direct access to the following links, if investors have a direct question we can ask, thank you! Jia Yueting: today, first of all to apologize, LETV is reborn in or Phoenix Nirvana, or the sublimation period, LETV development has been some short-term challenges, more from our big strategic direction and rhythm, to plan and the final result, I think is very good, the whole ecological in some public opinion or other effects will be a little, the price fluctuations will be more, but we believe it should be better in the future, let everyone satisfied results. ______________________.相关的主题文章: