Jingmen grain depot is 11 yuan per ton of false invoices 30 million yuan benefits jessica rabbit

Jingmen grain depot is 11 yuan per ton of false invoices 30 million yuan good original title: Hubei Jingmen a depot for 11 yuan per ton. False invoices 30 million yuan Beijing, Jingmen in November 18, (Zhang Fanye Dong Peipei Zhong Xin) November 18th, reporters from Jingmen city of Hubei Province Public Security Bureau was informed by Duodao Investigation Brigade, the police brigade in the investigation of a Jingmen state grain depot staff Xu, Tao Zhan et al, a suspected case of VAT invoices, after a thorough investigation, and uncovered two cases of VAT invoices case, involving nearly 30 million yuan. In April this year, police cracked Xu, Taomou, Zhan et al because of suspected case of VAT invoices (Beijing to Hubei grain depot "cracked false VAT invoices case involving 26 million yuan" as reported), continue to increase the intensity of investigation found Taomou, Zhan et al are making out special VAT invoice crime and Guangxi Guilin miyegongsi. Subsequently, the police has 4 times to go to Guangxi for investigation. After investigation, police found a grain depot and the Guangxi Guilin Miyegongsi although signed purchase contract, but the money transaction flow records but with Wang about stall holder. May, the police in Shayang Wang (male, 60 years old, Shayang people) captured. Special class police on August 26th, in Guangxi will follow up a victory with hot pursuit, general manager of Miyegongsi Wu (female, 51 years old, Guangxi people) arrested. Under questioning, Wang and Wu confessed the whole crime facts. Originally, in late June 2013, Wu and Wang to negotiate business, by Wang as a middleman, find a company to give her Miyegongsi VAT invoices. Wang will find grain Zhan Zhan Wu requirements a company with the grain of rice grain signed false purchase contract, according to the contract signed with the weight of rice sales price of 11 yuan per ton for billing fee, then the two sides signed a contract amount to provide value-added tax invoices to wumou company. The three party agreement, and the grain depot wumou signed an amount of 14 million 730 thousand yuan of rice false sales contract. For the manufacturing industry company to pay money illusion, the Finance Department of grain and Wang Taomou respectively from 2013 6 to July times on a cycle by way of transfer in grain bank account go 14 million 730 thousand yuan of funds (including grain depot according to the transaction price of 11 yuan per ton deducting 58300 yuan billing fees). The remaining funds were all returned to Wang’s account. Subsequently, Taomou in business without real transactions, the grain billing company has issued a five direction tax amount totaling 14 million 730 thousand yuan of special VAT invoice in 17 copies, of which the tax amount is 1694601.71 yuan. After the king of VAT invoices will be sent by courier to wu. Special class police through further digging, at the beginning of August 2013, Zhan, Taomou also by the same way. A company issued a total of 15 million yuan (including tax total grain per ton price of 11 yuan deducted 66000 yuan billing fee) VAT invoices 15 copies, of which the amount of taxes is 1725663.75.相关的主题文章: